Hong Kong’s First CBD Bar “Unbothered” Opens in Lan Kwai Fong

  • Lan Kwai Fong Group Chairman Allan Zeman said “We are very confident in the future business outlook and welcome the first CDB bar in the ever-changing Lan Kwai Fong area”
  • Unbothered infuses CBD in its entire menu and will soon launch skincare lines to make organic hemp more accessible and easy to use for everyone
  • From eerie cocktails to CBD-infused Dalgona candy from Squid Game, Unbothered will be the go-to spot for boozy drinks this Halloween with a bit of atwist

October 21, Hong Kong — Hong Kong’s first dedicated CBD bar Unbothered will open its doors to customers in Lan Kwai Fong on Wednesday, aiming to spread a CBD-infused lifestyle in the city and across Asia.
Spanning 1,000sqm at the entrance of the Lan Kwai Fong district, Unbothered explores new ways to incorporate CBD, which is extracted from hemp, into people’s diets daily routines.
Unbothered’s entire menu comes with CBD, with cocktails available in 15mg and 30mg variations in dosage.
For those who want to have a chill home party with CBD cocktails, Unbothered offers a special capped packaging for takeaway orders. CBD consultants will be stationed at the bar to advise the appropriate amount of dosage.
“With a mix of alcohol, wellness, art and music, we hope to be an oasis in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong,” said Unbothered Founder Connie Lee, a certified CBD advisor. “We hope to help break down the stigma surrounding CBD products.”
During the daytime, Unbothered will offer lunch menu and CBD-infused teas, including a hangover tea specially developed by the founder for those who want to have a productive day after a heavy night.

Harnessing the Power of CBD

The global CBD market has been showing strong growth potential with experts estimating the market to surpass US$55.79 million in 2028, according to the Fortune Business Insights’ recent report. Hong Kong has also joined the trend recently after CBD became popular in the beauty and wellness space.
One of the top driving factors behind this compound’s success is the therapeutic benefit it offers. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which promotes homeostasis while also playing a role in many functions and processes.
The ingredient helps soothe various conditions, including chronic pain, poor sleep performance, lethargy, stress, anxiety and inflammation.
To help spread all the known benefits to a wider audience, Unbothered also combined the potent of fresh CBD with therapeutic extracts to create skincare products that balance and de-stress people’s skin.
With the launch, Unbothered is introducing four bodycare and skincare products, including its flagship Super Collagen Serum consisted of CBD sativa extract and inositol, which reactivates cellular respiration and rebalances the skin metabolism.
“We want to make sure that people feel the healing properties of CBD and approach it from different scenarios in their everyday life so that they can find a safe and efficient answer to specific needs,” Lee said.

Oasis in Lan Kwai Fong

Unbothered brings a breath of fresh air to the historic district lined with clubs and bars, aiming to become a new center of gravity for good times in the city.
“We are very excited to welcome the first CDB bar in the ever-changing Lan Kwai Fong area.” Lan Kwai Fong Group Chairman Dr. Allan Zeman said.
“We are very confident in the future business outlook and we are pleased to have the founder of Unbothered, who comes from Hong Kong and understands the needs of the local market. Unbothered is all about health, wellness, rejuvenation and will create positive energy in the area. I look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Halloween: Do it For the ‘Gram

Unbothered cater as much to the ‘gram as they do to our wellness and beauty.
From the famous Takashi Murakami artworks to Cha Chaan Tang-inspired interior designs, the bar is the place to go to populate your Instagram feed with something new during this Halloween.
Between Oct. 29 and 31, the bar will host games to entertain guests, including Halloween- themed cocktails with eyeballs and CBD-infused Dalgona candy from the popular Netflix TV series, Squid Game.
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About Unbothered

Unbothered is the first CBD-dedicated bar in Hong Kong, born with a mission to educate consumers and raise public awareness on the natural and holistic benefits of CBD. The brand, which also sells vape and skincare products, was founded by Connie Lee, who has invested more than 15 years of her career in beauty and wellness in California and Hong Kong. Lee first started her business with CBD cafe Drip 39 in Hong Kong and expanded to beauty and lifestyle products to make organic hemp more accessible, reliable and easy to use for everyone. From people who suffer from insomnia to chronic pain and those looking for clean beauty products, Unbothered is dedicated to enhancing people’s quality of life via CBD.

How to find us:

Uf/F & LG/F, #1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

For more information, visit our:

Website: http://unbotheredhk.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unbotheredhk/

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