Thursday, February 22, 2024

Harm reduction expert: South Africa should avoid levying e-cigarette tax


According to foreign reports, recently, the steam Products Association of South Africa (vpasa) warned that it might be harmful to impose a consumption tax on steam products in a country like South Africa, which would encourage the illegal trade of smuggled cigarettes during the period of the covid-19 blockade.

The warning comes from the “e-cigarette dialogue” series hosted by vpasa, which is hosted by Arshad Abba, a partner of management consulting firm quantum Logik consulting and director of canback’s research on e-cigarettes and its impact on South Africa’s economy in 2018, the report said.

This year’s last digital seminar comes at a time of growing controversy over the upcoming tobacco product control and nicotine electronic delivery system (cotends) Bill. The audience includes government stakeholders, representatives of Parliament and hazard reduction advocates.

Raboney, an academic working in the private and public sectors, provides a compelling account of the development of a tax framework for steam products.

“A tax system should be stable, but to be flexible enough to consider future challenges, government agencies need to have a clear vision of what to tax, why to tax, what they want to tax, how they tax, and how to control it,” he said

“These points are particularly important because the share of steam products in the market is limited, which means tax revenue will also be limited,” he added.

Abba is one of the celebrities who shared the platform with host Dr Delon human, CO chairman of ahra and speaking colleague Donato raponi. Donato laponi is a freelance tax consultant and honorary professor of European tax law at the Ecole sup é rieure des Sciences fisales, Belgium. Raboni has been rated as one of the ten most influential tax figures in the world by international tax review.

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