Thursday, May 23, 2024

Government to Ban Sales of Heated Tobacco Products in Cyprus


According to a report by In-Cyprus, the Cypriot government is set to implement measures to ban the sale of heated tobacco products (HTP).

Heated tobacco products that are permitted to continue being sold in the market will now be required to adhere to special warning labels and images on their packaging, in order to align their packaging with that of traditional cigarettes.

The purpose of these changes is to align with European directives and coordinate national legislation.

The government has decided to extend the ban on the sale of tobacco products that possess distinctive aromas/flavors or contain aromatic substances, as well as heated tobacco products. Additionally, they have decided to introduce verbal warnings/notifications about the harmful effects of smoking on health on the packaging of heated tobacco products. These warnings will be accompanied by deterrent images.

Health Minister Popi Kanari stated that in the 2017 Tobacco Control Act, these products were exempted and the sale of traditional cigarettes and cigarillos containing aromatic substances was prohibited. Through these regulatory amendments, the sale of any heated tobacco products containing aromatic substances is also prohibited, in addition to traditional cigarettes and cigarillos.

According to Kanari, “These amendments are not applicable to e-cigarette products containing e-liquid, but only to the category of heated tobacco products that contain aromatic substances.

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