Saturday, June 22, 2024

Global e-cigarette market size will exceed 60 billion US dollars by 2025


On May 7, according to arizton research and analysis, the global e-cigarette market revenue will exceed 60 billion US dollars in 2020-2025, with a compound annual growth rate of about 15%.

Research highlights:

1. Between 2015 and 2025, the global e-cigarette market will achieve an absolute growth of 590%, and the revenue will increase by 49 billion US dollars.

2. Driven by the shift of preference for next generation smoking products and the demand of smoking population for HNB tobacco, by 2025, the total income of electronic cigarette products will exceed 57 billion US dollars.

3. Between 2019 and 2025, there will be a high CAGR of about 6%.

Arizton consulting and intelligence is an innovation and quality oriented company that specializes in consumer and retail technology, automotive and mobility, intelligent technology, healthcare and Life Sciences, industrial machinery, chemicals and materials, it and media, logistics and packaging.

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