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French president Macron holding a vape from Voopoo?


Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron released an office photo taken by an official photographer. In the picture, Macron is holding a stack of documents in his left hand, and his right hand is holding an electronic cigarette device unabashedly. According to French media reports, Macron used to have the habit of smoking cigars occasionally, and now he has become an e-cigarette user.

In fact, Macron’s turnaround is not unexpected. Because in Europe, more and more consumers have adopted electronic cigarettes as a tool to reduce the harm of cigarettes. Just earlier this month, 16 French doctors, researchers and medical professors publicly called on the government to support e-cigarettes.

On February 16, the European Parliament passed a report on cancer prevention and treatment with 652 votes in favor and 15 votes against, which recognized vaping products, heat-not-burn products and novel tobaccos’s potential contributions to smoking cessation. The report pointed out that e-cigarettes can allow some smokers to gradually quit smoking.

So, which device is French President Emmanuel Macron using?

To this end, we have verified with many senior e-cigarette users around us, and everyone unanimously gave the answer of “DRAG S of VOOPOO”. Compared with the official pictures of DRAG S, many features are indeed very consistent. According to the communication with the French team in front of Voopoo Technology, we believe that this product is undoubtedly VOOPOO DRAG S.

French president Macron holding a vape from Voopoo?

In fact, DRAG S is 100% made in China and produced by Voopoo Technology, a benchmark enterprise of vapes.

The core of why DRAG S can be greatly recognized in the European market lies in its excellent product strength. Compared with similar products, its size is smaller, but the output capability is stronger, and it can complete the heating in just one thousandth of a second, which greatly changes the previous user’s “heat first, then use” operating habit. On the other hand, its built-in Gene TT chip also endows the DRAG S with many intelligences, such as puff count recording, power switching, and mode scoring.

It is understood that as a vape brand with a high reputation in overseas markets, VOOPOO products already have more than 30 million fans overseas.

At present, VOOPOO mainly has four series of products, namely ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and V. In this regard, Everest, the CEO of Voopoo Technology, emphasized that “every generation of VOOPOO products is creating unique product points, and directly or indirectly leading the innovation and change of the industry.” This is why VOOPOO can rank among the first echelon of the industry in 2019 , because “innovation is Voopoo’s constant gene”.

In fact, Macron’s choice of DRAG S is not VOOPOO’s good luck, but a necessity.

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