Four States Likely To Legalize Medical Marijuana Through Legislation This Year

Four US states could legalize medical marijuana through legislation in 2021.

All four of these states are Republican-controlled Red-states that went to the Trump campaign during the 2020 election.

In a news analysis by Marijuana Business Daily, the publication notes that four US states could legalize medical marijuana through legislative action during the remainder of 2021.

Lawmakers in Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina could legalize medical marijuana that could further generate hundreds of millions of dollars and business opportunities across the interstate supply chain.

All four of these states are also deep in Republican country and voted for impeached former President Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. Medical marijuana legalization, especially, will be a major first step for these jurisdictions when eventually ratifying laws and measures for recreational marijuana and infant retail markets.

Legalization is also likely to be more likely in southeastern states after Mississippi voters approved a ballot initiative that legalized medical marijuana on November 3rd. Vaping Post previously reported on the variety of legalization measures that passed through ballots and legislation.


The following information is based on a breakdown of the information discussed by the Marijuana Business Daily report, and additional observations made by the author.

Kansas — Legislation that would have implemented a medical marijuana regulatory regime in the state was blocked by the state legislature in 2020.

Kentucky — Legislation passed through the state legislature which legalized medical marijuana, including the regulatory framework for it. However, the COVID-19 pandemic eliminated much of the opportunity for this framework to advance further.

South Carolina — The state legislature killed multiple bills legalizing medical marijuana. That was in 2019, though. The legislation is expected to be proposed and likely ratified in the coming months.

Alabama — The State Senate passed medical marijuana legislation during the 2020 legislative session. The pandemic, like in Kentucky, delayed any further action.

This information is based on the Marijuana Business Daily article published on January 21, 2021, by reporter Jeff Smith — an award-winning journalist based in Colorado, with credits in the Daily, The New York Times, and National Geographic.

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