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FEELM Release Taste Evaluation Model on Their Domestic Media Day


The industry’s first Taste Evaluation Model was unveiled by the FEELM Taste Scientific Research Institute, introducing the brand’s “enthusiastic pursuit of the freshness of California strawberries at 6am.”

In line with numerous studies conducted worldwide, a survey of  3,000 Chinese vapers conducted by Frost & Sullivan named “Taste” or flavour as a key determining factor on how consumers choose vaping products, and as one of the main factors that motivate smokers to switch from smoking to vaping.

Taking flavours seriously

In a press release, FEELM CEO Frank Han said that the team’s devotion to continuous improving the taste of e-cigarettes originated from an experienced client’s questions: How’s the taste of California strawberries at 6am? What’s the difference between it and that of refrigerated ones? Could FEELM ceramic coils bring back the taste of California strawberry at 6am with flavored e-liquid?

Inspired by their customers, FEELM conducted extensive research to develop a scientific system that offers great taste for worldwide vapers. To this effect, FEELM’s parent company, SMOORE, has set up several research institutes both in China and overseas, and to date over 75% of SMOORE Institutes’ researches are related to understanding and improving the taste of atomization.

Moreover, FEELM has also established a professional taste evaluation team, and built a high standard Taste Evaluation Lab that can hold up to 7 tasters at a time. “The ritual of tasting is well-designed and solemn. Before picking up a vaping device, each taster needs to wash and sanitize hands, chew a slice of lemon or yellow peach to clean the palate, drink boiled water to freshen up the mouth and smell coffee beans.”

“It is not until the light and the exhaust fan in the booth are turned on that the taster begins tasting. While tasting, a record form with all detailed criteria is prepared for scoring and taking notes. Afterwards, the same vaping device will be handed over to chromatography, electron microscope as well as reliability labs to analyse its e-liquid ingredients, coil and safety,” explains FEELM.

Following years of research, FEELM has been able to devise the industry’s first Taste Evaluation Model. “Composed of 4 dimensions, namely flavor, strength, note and vapor, and 51 specific indexes, this model establishes a system to evaluate human senses of mouth, tongue, nose and throat.”

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