Friday, July 12, 2024

FEELM Pro and 30,000 Puffs Disposable Steal the Show: FEELM’s Innovative Vape Technologies Unveiled at World Vape Show Dubai


On June 12, 2024, FEELM unveiled its latest technological advancements at the World Vape Show in Dubai, under the dazzling theme “ALL ON“. The event, a hotspot for vape enthusiasts and industry professionals, showcased FEELM’s ten innovative series solutions, designed to address a variety of consumer needs and elevate the overall vaping experience through cutting-edge technology. The show has not only tripled its exhibition space from the previous year but also attracted over 25,000 attendees and more than 400 leading vape brands.

Innovative Solutions Unveiled: FEELM Pro and Beyond

The highlight of FEELM’s presentation was the launch of FEELM Pro, a next-generation vape pod solution that leverages the latest FEELM ceramic coil technology. This innovation promises explosive flavor with each puff, ensuring high flavor fidelity and consistency. FEELM Pro also boasts a user-friendly design with instant usability and a clear tank for monitoring e-liquid levels.

Additionally, FEELM introduced two large puff solutions: the TPD-compliant TANKER, capable of 5,000 puffs, and the QUAD SHOT Pro, offering 3,200 puffs. Both products are designed to cater to varying consumer preferences, with the TANKER featuring Balance and Turbo modes for different taste experiences, and the QUAD SHOT Pro utilizing the FEELM Turbo solution for enhanced flavor explosiveness.

FEELM’s Commitment to Technological Excellence and Market Adaptation

Rex Zhang, Assistant President at FEELM and Head of Product and Marketing, emphasized the company’s strategic focus on technological innovation and market adaptation. FEELM aims to meet the diverse needs of consumers across different markets, particularly in response to the strict TPD regulations in Europe which are pushing the industry towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The company’s proactive approach is also evident in its development of the world’s first 30,000 puffs disposable with a four-sided surround screen and high wattage, the “Galaxy Display + Quattro Mesh”. This product, along with others like the 18,000 puffs multifunctional “Off Charge”, and the 20,000 puffs double burst power “FEELM Turbo DUO”, showcases FEELM’s commitment to leading the market through innovation.

Final Thoughts

It seems FEELM is not just making waves but creating a tsunami of innovation in the vape industry! What’s your take on these advancements? Are they the breath of fresh air needed to keep the vaping world exciting, or just more smoke and mirrors? Share your thoughts below and remember to keep following us on for the latest and greatest in vape news and reviews!

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