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ETHRA Survey For Nicotine Users Ends Soon


ETHRA Survey For Nicotine Users Ends Soon

Your Chance To Shape The Future Of TPD3

The ETHRA survey on nicotine questionnaire is designed to help safer nicotine product users shape the TPD3.

The aim is to allow vapers and users of SNUS to have their say on the third writing of the Tobacco Products Directive – the EU wide legislation on all things vape.

ethra eu nicotine users survey

The questionnaire ends on December 31st 2020, meaning a little over a week for you to have your views heard and recorded.

As a vaper, it could be the most important few minutes you’ll spend this year, if that is, you want to protect your right to vape.

It’s worth noting that despite the UK about to leave the EU, chances are the Government will be looking at TPD3 and may adopt all or some of the legislation – so yeah, even UK vapers really do need to get involved.

ETHRA is the European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates, a safer nicotine advocacy group with 22 European countries represented.

It says:

The survey asks questions about the use of different nicotine products in order to discern conditions for users across Europe.

The practical consequences of possible regulatory changes are also examined.

How would you react to increased taxes, vape flavour bans or to the legalisation of snus?

Is there a need for greater access to product information? Would lifting the container restriction on e-liquids have any impact?

What is missing for people who want to quit smoking?

These are some of the themes of the survey launched by ETHRA and its 22 member associations.

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to get involved.

As ETHRA says, the EU has vaping and other safer nicotine products firmly in its sites, and without consumer action, vaping may never be the same again.

The three proposals the EU is considering are:

  • The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), in which Article 20 deals with vaping as a related product, but prohibits the sale of snus in the EU, except in Sweden.
  • The Tobacco Excise Directive (TED) to harmonize definitions and tax treatment of new products, including vaping, at the request of the European Council. Almost 90% of citizens and organisations who responded to the Commission’s public consultations in 2016 and 2018 had rejected the principle.
  • The proposed changes will be debated, by the Parliament in May 2021 for TPD, and by the European Council for taxes. Drawing up a concrete map of uses and needs based on the responses to the ETHRA survey will shed light on the issues of possible revisions and provide useful information for public, harm reduction advocates and, of course, decision-makers, particularly MEPs.

I urge you to fill out the questionnaire – deadline is December 31st 2020:


Canada To Cut E-liquid Nicotine Strengths?

It looks almost certain e-liquid nicotine strengths will be cut in Canada…to…you guessed it…protect the kids.

The Canadian Government looks set to set a 20mg limit of all e-liquids the same as those here in the UK and under the TPD.


A 75 day consultation would then follow, with the new legislation coming into force early 2021.

The Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control has welcomed the move with Flory Doucas, Co-Director and spokesperson for the group saying:

The federal government’s intention to reduce the maximum nicotine concentration in vaping liquids to 20 mg/ml across Canada is excellent news. This measure is long overdue.

If the government has the political will and is not swayed by industry protests, it can ensure the measure comes into force soon after the 75-day consultation period.

“…addicting generations of kids to nicotine…”

These regulations have been long in the making, but the fact that they decree a short 15-day transition period once they are finalized may be a signal that the government is finally recognizing the urgency to remove these highly addictive products from the market, as they are addicting generations of kids to nicotine.

Member countries of the European Community have had this measure in place for over four years. These outrageously high nicotine products should never have been allowed on the Canadian market in the first place.

There doesn’t appear to be much if any opposition to the new rules.

canadian vaping association

Darryl Tempest, Executive Director of the Canadian Vaping Association [CVA] said:

It is without question that Canada must act to restrict nicotine concentrations to protect youth, but it should not be an all or nothing approach.

Ontario has restricted high nicotine products to age-restricted environments, effectively eliminating all retail access points for youth.

This policy has proven effective in mitigating youth use while balancing the needs of adult smokers.

The CVA encourages the Government of Canada to adopt this policy federally.

We shall of course keep you informed on any developments, but it looks cast in stone to me.

and finally…12 Days Of Vaping Christmas the Video!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

If you haven’t seen it yet – then please checkout the 12 Days Of Vaping Christmas video!

12 days of vaping christmas vaping with vic

It was written by yours truly – put together by our own Harley and includes some famous UK vape reviewers singing their little hearts out…bless ’em!

It’s meant as a bit of fun after a dreary trying year – so please do share it far and wide and give the guys and girls a sub!!!


Merry Christmas From All At EcigClick

A very quiet vape news – must be the Christmas slowdown…

Speaking of which, there may be another Vape News on Wednesday – depends on what’s about…

So, in case this is the last one until after Christmas…

No matter where you are spending it this year, and in whatever COVID Tier or lockdown…

Have a VERY Merry Christmas from all of us here at EcigClick – God knows we deserve it after this year 🙂

ecigclick merry christmas 12 days of vaping

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