Empire brand Canada opposes the government’s proposal to reduce nicotine consumption in e-cigarettes

According to the information from regulation tobacco control, recently, imperial brand Canada has publicly expressed its opposition to a government health department’s proposal on reducing nicotine content in steam electronic cigarettes.

Empire brand Canada opposes the government's proposal to reduce nicotine consumption in e-cigarettes

Prior to this, the health department of the Canadian government has proposed to reduce the maximum nicotine content of steam electronic cigarette products to 20 mg / ml. But imperial Canada points out that such measures will undermine the government’s goal of tobacco control, that is, to reduce the national smoking rate to less than 5% by 2035.

In response, a person in charge of imperial brand Canada pointed out that limiting the nicotine content in e-cigarettes to 20 mg / ml would mean that current smokers would not be able to find their own substitutes for tobacco products, which might eventually lead to a large number of e-cigarette consumers to start smoking again. The official believes that the 20 mg / ml nicotine amount proposed by the government is too low to meet the needs of current smokers in Canada, let alone those who are looking for low hazard alternatives.

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