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Call To Ban Vape Apps From Google Continues

Those crazy Karen’s are still at it with renewed calls to ban vape apps from Google Play.

The anti-vape crowd really has got their knickers in a collective twist, and has gone full mob mentality calling on support from too many groups to count lol.

google vape apps ban

Saying that, anti-vaping makes for some strange bedfellows with organizations demanding the vape apps be pulled includes the:

Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA), Bangladesh [there’s a lot from that country] – Lotus Pediatric Clinic, Cambodia – Alianza Dominicana Anti Tabaquismo, Dominican Republic – Comité National Contre le Tabagisme, Paris France, France – Paneer HIV positive women network, India – Alliance of Independent Journalist -AJI Jakarta, Indonesia Iran’s anti-smoking population, Iran – and of course, the Bloomberg backed Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, United States of America to name but a few.

Like I said, some very strange groups signing up to this anti-vape campaign…things that make you go ummmm…

There is a UK signatory too – the Tobacco Control Research Group, University of Bath, UK – no surprise there.

University_of_Bath_anti vaping

I’ve touched on this call to ban vaping apps before and explained that Bath’s TCRG had released an anti-vaping study showing how the vape industry was using social media to influence kids to vape…yes really.

Wait…what’s that?

Who funds some of the the TCRG research I hear you ask..?

Not little Mike Billionaire Bloomberg surely?

Of course he does…and one wonders how many of this latest mob of anti-vaping groups also receive back-handers…oops I mean ‘funding‘ from Bloomberg…

Not being funny but WTF has as an Indian woman’s HIV group and the Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Art got to do with vaping???

But wait…follow the link above and you’ll see how I suggest Bloomberg is clearing out the vape industry to make way for a none vape vaping device called the Hale, which BTW features – wait for it – an app…haha you couldn’t make this up!

hale app
Bloomberg backed Hale not a vape ‘vape’ app

Nothing to see here move along lol….your app BAD my app GOOD!

Anyway…the letter to Google calling for the vape app ban ends:

Today, we are calling on Google to take the next step to protect its users from the global tobacco epidemic by adopting a policy to prohibit applications that encourage purchase or consumption of smoking and vaping products in the Google Play store and immediately removing all such applications.

Filed under shite you couldn’t make up…

As Google continues to mull over this call to ban vape apps last word to World Vapers’ Alliance Director Michael Landl:

Google already showed its ability to protect kids from accessing content not suitable for minors.

It is clear that they have the technical ability to protect children without depriving adults of information.

For the good of public health and consumer freedom this anti-vaping crusade needs to stop.

The health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world depends on it.

Couldn’t have put it better myself…

BTW: if you fancy reading the anti-vape letter – here’s the link.

More PMTA Warning Letters Sent

The FDA is continuing its ‘crackdown‘ on ‘illegal‘ vape companies in the USA and has issued more warning letters.

It says that 8 American vape/e-liquid companies have continued to manufacture or sell e-liquid without a valid PMTA submission.

fda warning letter pmta

For those not in the know, a Pre Market Tobacco Application MUST be sent to the FDA before any vape product can be sold within the USA.

I’ve written extensively about this process than can cost close to half a million dollars PER application:

The new threatening letters have been sent to:

The Mad Alchemist LLC, Austin Vapor, BloVape, Bombay Vapor LLC, Chief Vapor, American Legends E-Liquid LLLP, Average Joes Juice LLC, Cloud Chasers Apothecary LLC and Carolina Vapor Mill LLC, doing business as Carolina Vapor Mill.

According to media reports, the companies have around 100,000 products – has to how many do not have a PMTA attached is unclear – but that’s a lot of cash…

The FDA says a public list of ‘approved’ vape products will be released shortly.

Smuggled Vape Juice Cargo Seized In Thailand

Custom officers in Thailand are crowing after ‘seizing‘ almost £150,000 of ‘illegal‘ vape juice on the border.

The General Operations Force (GOF) say it found 22,500 bottles of unnamed e-liquids and a man has been arrested.

thailand vape juice cargo seized
image via: Straits Times

They say the juice was destined for Thailand’s thriving black vape market and is the largest seizure since the GOF took over the anti-vape border patrols.

The laws around vaping in Thailand are criminal in themselves to say the least and I’ve written very many times about the state of the vape in the country.

Smoking rates are dangerously high at over 40% for the over 15s whilst vaping is not only banned but classed as a criminal offense.

The arrested man now faces up to 10 years in jail – let that sink in…

Chicago Gunning For Vaping Again

Despite banning all flavoured e-liquids Chicago is going after vaping again.

This time it has taken a law suit out against a vape firm it says is flouting the current flavour ban by ‘marketing’ to kids.

mayor lightfoot ban vaping chicago

FFS…gotta protect the kids lol…

Vehement anti-vaper Mayor Lori Lightfoot said:

E-cigarettes are unhealthy and addictive, and businesses deliberately target young people in the hope they’ll develop lifelong customers.

The City of Chicago’s message to vaping companies is clear: If you break the law, we will go after you, especially if you try to sell to our youth.

All absolute bollo*** of course – but hey don’t let the facts get in the way of a chance to virtue signal – even if it puts smokers lives at risk.


A vape meme that sadly says it all really…

vape meme

More Vape News on Sunday!

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