Create 0 nicotine pure tea product, low temperature heating, no combustion amoour tea bullet

The development of tobacco has a long history. Nowadays, the world’s tobacco products are mainly traditional smoke-burning cigarettes. The non-traditional new tobacco products are only compared with smoke-burning cigarettes. In fact, Indians found that tobacco started from chewing. The non combustion tobacco products and smoke-burning tobacco products have been developing together.

In recent years, with the gradual strengthening of tobacco control in the world, under the influence of a series of tobacco control laws, policies and actions, profound and significant changes have taken place in the tobacco development environment, and the structure of tobacco products is speeding up adjustment in the direction of diversification and smoke-free. The development of traditional tobacco products is facing more and more pressure, which means an opportunity for new tobacco products to be the focus of history.

In recent years, multinational tobacco companies have shifted their strategic focus to the field of new tobacco products without exception. The new type of tobacco products conform to the general trend of tobacco control, personalized, diversified, healthy and quality consumption upgrading, and the development has stepped into the “fast lane”. Among them, due to the use of real tobacco as a smoke bomb, the taste of the heating non combustion tobacco products is close to the cigarette, and the low-temperature heating non combustion will not produce tar, heavy metal and other harmful substances, while compared with the traditional cigarette, the harm is reduced by 90%, the environment-friendly, deeply sought after by consumers.

New tobacco products

As the world’s largest smoker country, several large and medium-sized tobacco enterprises of the “national team” also attach great importance to this work. In Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Anhui and Hubei, five large and medium-sized tobacco enterprises have accelerated their R & D, and they are also far superior to overseas tobacco companies in terms of heating and non combustion product patents, and have successively launched heating and non combustion tobacco products, which are listed overseas. Hunan, Shandong and Guizhou are also actively preparing for the war. In addition, some private enterprises have also launched their own brand of heating non combustion equipment. China has the strength to compete with foreign brands. Domestic smokers have a large base and the demand for harm reduction is increasing day by day. There is a clear market demand for the main low harm heating non combustion products. At present, there is only a lack of policy. Once the new type of tobacco is opened in China, it will develop into a hundred billion level market within a few years.

In line with the national conditions, in order to heat the long-term development of the non combustion industry and promote technological progress, Shunbao technology adheres to the concept of “safety and environmental protection, smoke replacement and harm reduction”, adheres to the concept of non tobacco tea bullet being healthier and true taste reduction, and never wavers. At the same time of catering to the market demand and public desire, it helps smokers enjoy a healthier experience of substituting cigarettes, and provides new choices for people who want to quit smoking.

amoour shunbao tea

Amoour tea bullet is made of natural tea in Alpine ecological garden, mint and other herbs, combined with multiple processes such as moisturizing and harmonic fragrance, and using unique technology, and selecting degradable materials. Strive to reach the international standards, and through raw material testing certification, smoke testing certification, colony testing certification and other authoritative certification. Amoour team not only pays attention to the breakthrough of taste, but also implements the safety guarantee of products. Tobacco free, nicotine free, tar free and environmentally friendly. Compared with other tobacco smoke bombs, amoour tea bomb has the advantages of safety and health. The temperature is far lower than that of traditional cigarettes. When heated, no harmful substances such as isocyanate will be released, no peculiar smell of conventional cigarette bombs, no trouble of open fire and ash, and no impact on others and the environment. Amoour tea bomb is suitable for all mainstream HNB devices on the market, such as iqos, etc. As a new type of tea product, it is widely praised, and its green, environmental protection and sustainable concept is welcomed by consumers all over the world.

Since its establishment, Shunbao science and technology team has made some breakthroughs in heating non combustion equipment and non tobacco smoke bombs, accumulating more than 100 + domestic and foreign patents. Its brand amo low temperature non combustion heating rod, 350 ° intelligent temperature control, fully heated and can ensure the taste, meet the needs of smokers smoking, and at the same time, it is cooler and healthier. Shunbao technology has no restrictions on the research, development and investment of low-temperature heating and non combustion, hoping to provide free and easy products to reduce harm and replace smoke for the majority of smokers, and truly achieve a smoke-free life in the future.

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