Closing Soon: The EU Nicotine Users Survey

Last October, ETHRA, an association bringing together 22 European groups representing consumers of safer nicotine products, launched a questionnaire that aims to gather data pertaining to nicotine use behaviours within Europe. The questionnaire will close at the end of this month on December 31st and is available in ten languages. ETHRA is urging European consumers to take part, calling for maximum participation and assistance in distributing the survey by sharing it on social media.

Another aim of the survey is gathering public opinions about possible changes in regulations for safer nicotine alternative products within the EU. Currently, the European Commission (EC) is preparing proposals to amend two European Union directives: the infamous Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and the Tobacco Excise Directive (TED).

An opportunity to share your opinions on the infamous TPD

In 2016 and 2018, nearly 90% of citizens and organisations who had responded to the Commissions’ public consultations, had rejected the proposed amendments. The new suggested changes are expected to be debated by the Parliament for the TPD and by the European Council for the taxes, probably in 2021.

This survey which we invite you to participate in is the only one planned concerning the opinion of the population on possible changes. Possible bans on flavourings, taxes on vaping or the revision of container limits, atomisers and nicotine levels in vaping liquids, as well as the legalisation of snus, are issues that may concern tens of millions of Europeans: people who vape or use snus, persons who smoke and are likely to switch to reduced harm products, their relatives, as well as social and health professionals in the field,” explained ETHRA on its webpage.

An EU Study Analyzes E-Cig Harm Perceptions Pre and Post TPD

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