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Cannabis Tuesday News: Chemical Found in Cannabis Sativa Plant Can Decrease Covid-19 Inflammation


Chemical Found in Cannabis Sativa Plant Can Decrease Covid-19 Inflammation

thehindubusinessline – Researchers at the Dental College of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia (MCG) have found a way to utilise Cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical in the marijuana plant.

The researchers noted in their study that CBD has the ability to improve oxygen levels and reduce inflammation. The compound also helped reduce the physical lung damage in their laboratory model of deadly adult respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS.

Michigan Prepares to Ban Flavored Nicotine Vaping – again – without Legislative Approval

metrotimes – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is holding a virtual public hearing at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to solicit public comments on its proposal to permanently ban the sale and distribution of flavored nicotine vaping products. MDHHS is accepting comments until Friday.

Baltimore Council President Scott Proposes E-cigarette Tax to Help City Deal with Revenue Losses

baltimoresun – Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott is proposing a tax on electronic cigarettes as a way to discourage smoking and boost revenue as the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the city’s economy.

New Jersey to Vote on Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

thesetonian – New Jersey voters will decide the status of recreational marijuana in the upcoming election by voting on legalizing the drug via a ballot initiative.

The question will ask voters to approve or reject an amendment to the state constitution which would legalize possession of marijuana for all people 21 years old and over and pave the way for recreational cultivation, processing and retail sale. 

Local Marijuana Dispensary Hitting the Market in November

sooeveningnews – BAY MILLS — Northern Light Cannabis Company, owned and operated by Bay Mills Indian Community, has announced an opening date of Friday, Nov. 6.

Northern Light will provide residents the opportunity to purchase a variety of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, tinctures and cannabidiol, also known as CBD, oils.

$20M Marijuana Cultivation Facility Planned for Northern Oakland County

freep – Construction of a $20-million, high-tech marijuana cultivation facility in northern Oakland County is under way with plans to begin operating by spring.

The 54,000-square-foot facility in Lake Orion will create about 65 jobs, according to Natrabis, whose name comes from a combination of natural and cannabis. Natrabis said jobs will range from plant managers to controllers to cultivation technicians to packagers and marketing and sales.

Marijuana Compound CBD Can Help Reduce Lung Damage Caused by COVID

studyfind – A study believes a common ingredient in marijuana may hold the key to treating lung damage from the coronavirus. Researchers at Augusta University say cannabidiol (CBD) can restore the production of a substance which protects the body.

Marijuana Gummies Sends 2 Newcastle Teens to Hospital after Overdose

blackhillsfox – Two Newcastle teenagers accidentally overdosed on THC edibles and were sent to the emergency room on Sunday morning. Wyoming has not legalized recreational or medical marijuana, therefore it is against the law to use or possess cannabis in the state. CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC by weight are legal to use and possess.

Supervisors to Reconsider Hemp Grower Regulations

myvalleynews – RIVERSIDE (CNS) – The Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Oct. 20 will reconsider a series of regulations on where and how hemp growers can operate in unincorporated areas of Riverside County, specifically barring them from establishing grows in a wide swath of the south county region to protect the Santa Margarita River Watershed.

Irish Farmers Association Ask Government to Legalise Medical Cannabis

irishpost – FARMERS IN Ireland are set to ask the government to legalise medical cannabis so they may become ‘major players’ in the cultivation of the plant.

Laws would need to be changed to allow farmers to cultivate cannabis plants with a CBD content of 15%, rather than the current laws which allow help flowers of between 3 – 5% CBD content.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Virginia’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Dharma Pharmaceuticals, Opens Doors

thecentralvirginian – Dharma Pharmaceuticals, the first medical cannabis dispensary in Virginia, has opened its doors. Dharma Pharmaceuticals is one of four licensed medical cannabis companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Located in Bristol, the company’s mission is to provide patients with high-quality, safe and effective plant-based medicines, all while bringing crucial jobs to an economically distressed area.

Cannabis Reduces OCD Symptoms by Half in the Short-term

medicalxpress – People with obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, report that the severity of their symptoms was reduced by about half within four hours of smoking cannabis, according to a Washington State University study.

The study, recently published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, also found that higher doses and cannabis with higher concentrations of CBD, or cannabidiol, were associated with larger reductions in compulsions.

Los Angeles Faces Lawsuit over Marijuana Delivery Licenses

lasvegassun – LOS ANGELES — Two marijuana trade organizations filed a lawsuit Monday against the nation’s largest legal pot market over restrictions on stand-alone delivery services that have blocked them from obtaining licenses until 2025.

Mexico Could Soon Become the World’s Largest Cannabis Market

canex – Mexico will soon welcome legal, adult use cannabis if a bill designed to end federal prohibition passes in coming weeks. The bill is scheduled to be voted on by the Mexican Senate by December. The passing of this bill could help the government wrestle control of cannabis supply away from the black market.

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