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Canadian Vapers Screwed As New Anti-Vape Laws Loom


New Laws Could Cripple Canada’s Vape Shops

Canadian vapers are “screwed” when new anti-vape laws come into force in a matter of weeks according to one popular vape shop.

The Vape Exchange, based in Ontario, has told its loyal customer base via Facebook, that come January 1st 2021 any tanks, drippers, RTAs and pods that are NOT government classed as Child-Resistant Certified (CRC), will be removed from sale.

Canadian vapers screwed

It’s a devastating blow to vape shops across Canada and will mean vapers in their droves using other ‘out of countryonline shops from countries such as China and the UK.

However, Health Canada, or the idiotic vape police in this case, has recognized that due to the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ compliance may be difficult and has extended the deadline until June 21st 2021…big of them.

In a letter to the Canadian vape industry, Health Canada says it will still be monitoring none compliant CRC’s on sale until the new deadline, however will act if they receive any complaints or information of any ‘incidents or risk‘ from any such product!

Health Canada says:

  • Health Canada plans to take the following approach to compliance and enforcement regarding the new VPLPR child-resistant container requirements for refillable vaping devices and vaping parts:
  • From January 1, 2021, to June 30, 2021, Health Canada intends to continue its on-going effort to disseminate existing guidance and information to regulated parties in order to promote awareness of and compliance with the regulations;
  • Beginning July 1, 2021, Health Canada intends to increase its compliance monitoring activities and take appropriate enforcement action, where necessary, to address identified instances of non-compliance to the new VPLPR child-resistant container requirements for refillable vaping devices and vaping parts.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the Department will enforce the child-resistant container requirements for refillable vaping devices and vaping parts under the VPLPR anytime on or after January 1, 2021, if warranted, based on incidents, complaints, or the level of risk.
  • However, Health Canada’s proactive activities will be focused on compliance promotion looking toward July 1, 2021.


Bad news indeed and despite the extension to the enforcement order…

Canadian Vapers Screwed By Health Canada

What sticks in my craw is the way Health Canada sign off the letter:

Protecting the health and safety of Canadians is a collective responsibility.

It is Health Canada’s expectation that the vaping product industry plays a strong and visible role in this regard.

Health Canada would like to take this opportunity to remind manufacturers, importers and retailers of vaping products of their obligations under the CCPSA.

Health Canada calls on the vaping product industry to take actions to comply with existing and upcoming statutory and regulatory requirements that help protect the health and safety of Canadians.

Talk about taking the proverbial p**s – or in this case virtue signalling about the health of a nation, when they’re attacking the 95% healthier vape industry whilst lit tobacco sales go unaffected.

15% of all Canadians smoke meaning upwards of 45,000 deaths from lit tobacco related illnesses each year…meanwhile there’s around 292,000 using e-cigarettes on a daily basis.

Health Canada my arse.

vape exchange canada

The Vape Exchange fears the worst and wrote on its Facebook page:

…the Canadian consumer is screwed in many ways, Health Canada has basically handed over vaping products to Big Tobacco vapes, with pre-filled closed vape pod systems.

Although consumers can still purchase “out of country” vaping tanks etc; you have the hassle of ordering gift cards > in order to purchase these items, this also means “other parts of rebuildables” the coils for tanks you owned prior; the kanthal wire for rebuilding, etc will no longer be sold in Canada.

Again, you need to buy the gift card first, (as PayPal won’t allow you to use a Visa; or Visa Debit card to buy vape-related materials) then use that gift card to buy what you need.

[This is the first time in a long time, I’ve felt like giving up entirely.]

There appear to be only 2-3 tanks that met these CRC requirements…

Truly shocking.

Where Are the Vape Advocacy Groups?

So where are the vape advocacy groups in all this one might ask.

I’ve had a look at the Canadian Vaping Association website and nope – nothing there…

canadian vaping association

However they did find time to congratulate president elect Joe Biden on his apparent win…

Eh? Wait…what?

Isn’t he the bloke that said he’d eliminate vaping if he got into office..?

I suggest the CVA step away from kiss ass world politics and start, oh I dunno, advocating…

It’s probably too late now to get this ridiculous ban law overturned, but having reported on the Canadian vape scene for quite some time, the CVA does seem awfully nice and not like to ruffle political feathers…

Saying that, just last week they posted a link to a superb article from the awesome Dr. Brad Rodu titled: Dear Canadian Smokers: Please Follow Britain’s Guidance – well worth a read.

It’s a pity Canada didn’t follow the UK on vaping from the start.


A quick look at the VITA of Canada website – the country’s largest vape industry group – does at least have some information saying it’s been:

…actively engaged with international device manufacturers, associated companies, and Health Canada regarding the upcoming implementation of child resistant requirements for refillable tanks and pods.

Doesn’t sound like a fight to stop the new law being implemented to me, more like acquiescing without a shot fired…far too nice these Canadians…

So are Canadian vapers “screwed?”

Let me know your thoughts or opinions in the comments below…


A full round-up of the Vape News on Sunday!

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