Can You Recommend New Vape Setup That Is Not a Sub Ohm

Vaping Questions AnsweredHi,Have been browsing your site for most of the day and read many helpful reviews.

Still cant make my mind up and would be grateful for a friendly pointer.

I currently use an eleaf istick 30w with nautilus mini. I have a 1.80hm coil in there. Preferred brand of juice is Zeus Monkberry (banana).

Recently i have been experiencing dull flavours and the istick is getting liquid in places im fairly sure it shouldn’t be.

I use it mainly between 4-5v and prob go through 4ml of juice a day.

I am not really interested in sub ohming – i am just after a nice flavour with a decent cloud (not huge) and a good battery.

From what i have read i have been looking at the innokin cool fire 4 OR 4 plus.

For my needs – which configuration would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance.




Thanks for getting in touch.

OK, I’ll do my best to advise!

Normally from what you have said it could possibly be the tank (if juice is leaking) and not the istick that is the problem. So you may not need a new device.

I’ll list the below and some of it you will likely possibly have done already but in case I’ll just recap:

  • Does the juice taste dull and leak even after a coil change?
  • When unscrewing to fill with juice just be sure the coil doesn’t unscrew slightly with the tank, just test before re-assembling. This is quite a common mistake with a lot of clearomisers and will cause leaking.
  • I haven’t got a Nautilus in front of me so I can’t remember where and if it has O rings to seal. If it does it may be worth checking if all seals/O rings etc are in place and OK.
  • And last but not least have you heard of the term vapers tongue? This is a very common problem I have seen a lot and suffered with myself.

Juice tends to lose flavour if you just vape one type of e-liquid continuously. It is normally a good idea to try and rotate your flavours so this doesn’t happen.

I used to vape menthol to combat this but apparently sucking a lemon or smelling fresh coffee beans can help ‘cleanse the palette’, not tried the latter two myself though! ha

OK with that out of the way and you still think a new setup is the way to go:

I can highly recommend the Cool Fire 4 or the Plus ( I am using this right now). If you are just vaping a nautilus with a 1.8ohm coil though the Cool Fire 4 Plus would be overkill in terms of wattage but the battery will last you ages.

So if battery life is something you are looking for then either Cool Fire will be good and give you plenty of vaping time.

Regarding a new tank, it kind of depends on if you mouth to lung vape or are happy with direct to lung?

Good mouth to lung vape and similar size to the Nautilus mini –

Innokin T18ii Prism Tank –

If you direct to lung vape I really like the Apex tank. But while 2.0 ohm coils are available it is shipped with 0.5 ohm coils.

So may not be ideal?

I have also been using the JAC Vapour S22 kit recently that may be a good fit for you.

The above store are just waiting on new stock coming in though.

Any further questions please let me know.

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