Can CBD become an antibacterial killer?

In January 2021, Professor Mark Blaskovich of the Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Queensland, Australia released important information on Analytical Cannabis. The professor proved for the first time that synthetic cannabidiol has an effect on the superbug-MRSA, and it can also kill bacteria that cause gonorrhea and meningitis.

CBD can effectively eliminate Staphylococcus aureus (also known as “MRSA super bacteria”). The University of Queensland research team conducted related experiments to confirm this statement. The research team used mouse models and other methods to use CBD formulas to conduct various experiments on different bacterial models infected. The results show that synthetic cannabidiol is particularly good at destroying the biofilm that decomposes MRSA-the sticky accumulation of bacteria, which proves that CBD has the effect of destroying MRSA super bacteria.

Professor Blaskovich also added a simulated two-week patient treatment to the super bacteria solution to observe the rate of bacterial mutation, thereby weakening the lethality of CBD. But even during the test period, by increasing the concentration of antibiotics to increase the rapid development of bacteria, CBD has a low tendency to cause drug resistance in bacteria. Therefore, it is proved that CBD has a real effect in fighting against MRSA super bacteria.

At the same time, the research team also noticed that CBD can also eliminate Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This discovery is also the first proof that CBD can destroy biofilms and kill this particularly tenacious bacteria, namely Gram-negative bacteria. The head of the research team, Professor Mark Blaskovich, stated in his statement, “We believe that CBD kills bacteria by destroying the outer cell membrane of bacteria, but we still don’t know how it does it.”

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