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Breeze Smoke LLC Triumphs in Trademark Infringement Case: A Detailed Analysis


In a landmark decision, Breeze Smoke LLC, a leading manufacturer and retailer of vaping products, secured a preliminary injunction against multiple defendants, including Yatin Enterprises Inc., Mini Market LLC, and others. The lawsuit revolved around allegations of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and related claims. This article delves into the intricacies of the case, shedding light on the court’s rationale behind granting the injunction.

Background: Breeze Smoke LLC, renowned for its disposable electronic vaping devices or “e-cigarettes,” holds several federally registered trademarks containing the word “BREEZE.” These trademarks have been associated with vaping products since 2014. The company also boasts Michigan state registrations for the BREEZE mark, claiming usage since 2020.

The crux of the contention arose from the defendants’ purported sale of disposable e-cigarettes under the “BREEZY BAR” name. Breeze Smoke LLC contended that this infringed upon its trademark rights, leading to the lawsuit.

Preliminary Injunction Standard: A preliminary injunction serves as a potent legal remedy, preventing potential harm to the plaintiff before the case’s full adjudication. To be granted this injunction, the plaintiff must convincingly demonstrate:

  1. A strong likelihood of succeeding on the claim’s merits.
  2. Potential irreparable harm in the absence of the injunction.
  3. A balance of equities in their favor.
  4. The injunction’s alignment with the public interest.

Court’s Analysis:

  1. Likelihood of Success:
    • The court acknowledged the strength of Breeze Smoke LLC’s marks, noting their suggestive nature. Such marks, being protectable, have been associated with vaping products for an extended period, amassing significant revenue and marketing investments.
    • The defendants’ counterarguments, revolving around alleged improper assignments and pending cancellation proceedings, were deemed unpersuasive. The court also refrained from adopting the unlawful use doctrine in this context.
  2. Irreparable Harm:
    • Breeze Smoke LLC presented evidence highlighting the FDA’s application denial’s repercussions, leading to distributors halting further product orders. This scenario underscored the potential irreparable damage to the company’s reputation and business.
  3. Balance of Equities and Public Interest:
    • The court opined that upholding the preliminary injunction would safeguard Breeze Smoke LLC’s trademark rights and goodwill, outweighing any conceivable harm to the defendants.

Conclusion: The court’s decision to grant Breeze Smoke LLC’s motion for a preliminary injunction underscores the paramount importance of trademark protection. This ruling serves as a potent reminder for businesses about the legal avenues available when their trademark rights are jeopardized. As the case progresses, the injunction ensures the safeguarding of Breeze Smoke LLC’s interests until a conclusive resolution emerges.

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