Boulder Intl. Receives PMTA Acceptance Letter From FDA

Boulder International announced its premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) has been accepted by the U.S. the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Boulder’s initial filing will include two devices, the Boulder Rock and the Aspen Slim and two flavors of e-liquid, American Blend and Menthol.

“Since the beginning, it’s been quite clear to us that the only road to long term success in this industry is through a socially responsible strategy that extends through all aspects of our business; from product conception through production and marketing,” Robert Heiblim, president of Boulder International USA, wrote on the company’s website.

Each e-liquid will be available in four strengths. All products covered in the initial filing were introduced to the market prior to the August 8, 2016 deeming date, according to Boulder, adding the company has new devices currently under development which they intend to submit in future applications.

“We welcome the introduction of formal policy and agency oversight to ensure the safe enjoyment of our products; and all vape products,” Heiblim added. “In our opinion it is fitting and proper that consistent and sustainable measures be observed as our industry matures. PMTA submissions not only enhance the profile and position of companies who possess the resources to file but also benefit the industry as a whole while improving the user experience for consumers.”

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