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Bloomberg Anti-Vaping Study Slammed vape news

Advocacy Groups Blast Bloomberg Anti-Vaping Study

Yet another Bloomberg anti-vaping study has been been ripped apart by international vape advocacy groups.

And even vape supporting Cancer Research UK [CRUK] seems to have fallen under the billionaire media mogul’s spell.

Advocacy Groups Blast Bloomberg Anti-Vaping Study

CRUK tweeted:

During what would have been the 9th Conference of Parties, we’re excited to share new research with @BathTR showing the tobacco industry’s use of social media to amplify its interests during COP8.

It’s that word ‘excited‘ that’s infuriated vape advocacy groups.

The New Nicotine Alliance – the NNA – is bitterly disappointed with CRUK after the tweet, and say many of its supporters and members are pledging to stop donations to the cancer charity.

I’d go as far to say NNA Chair, Martin Cullip, is furious and has written to CRUK in the strongest terms including:

We are writing to express our deep disappointment at a tweet from your organisation’s policy unit celebrating a research paper which smears consumer advocates for tobacco harm reduction – most notably those who have ceased smoking via vaping – by linking the consumer voice with industry in an attempt to cancel recognition of opinions from former smokers who have found safer nicotine products to have been beneficial to their lives and future.

anti-vape tweet

To declare that CRUK are “excited” about a report which trawled personal citizen Twitter accounts and concluded that they were part of some mythical tobacco industry plot is deeply offensive and McCarthyist in nature and application.

…We also note that your website states that “Without vital funds, future cancer research is at risk.

Donate now to get us back on track”, yet the fallout from this CRUK tweet has led to our being contacted by supporters who regularly donate to CRUK but have now cancelled their support as a result.

As I said, Martin and the NNA are not messing about…and at the time of writing, there’s been no response from CRUK.

And the UK based nicotine advocacy charity was joined by Nancy Loucas, Executive Director for CAPHRA [Coalition of Asia-Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates], who has called the study “unfair” and “highly inaccurate“.


The UK’s University of Bath’s Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) study looked at Twitter activity during the recent Conference of the Parties to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Vape advocates from around the world, including the Association of Vapers India, have criticized the Bloomberg Philanthropies study and Nancy has now voiced her opinion.

She strongly believes the methods used were barely scientific adding:

The speculative method employed by Bath researchers has no place in any scientific study, which should make readers question any of the findings that are produced by those who choose to play such games.

This is sadly a blatant attempt to rob consumers of their voice so that the Bloomberg network, which the authors belong to, can keep influencing governments to impose bans on lower-risk alternatives which could have helped address the tobacco-related health crisis.

Rather than a multi-billion-dollar group using its money to disparage and try to discredit vaping advocates and consumer groups, it should be working alongside us.

In low-income Asia-Pacific countries, where people cannot afford medical treatments to deal with the consequences of tobacco use, harm prevention is a key.


However given Bloomberg is the richest and most fervent – almost evangelical – anti-vaper, one doubts he’ll back off any time soon.

One reason he is so vehemently opposed to vaping could be because has a stake in a Big Pharma style ‘vape device’ know as the Hale…

Read my take on that: Bloomberg Flavour Ban Plan – A Conflict Of Interest?

Read the study causing all the kerfuffle: Exploring the Twitter activity around the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Read the NNA’s full response and letter to CRUK.

Back Vaping – Beat Cancer Sign the EU Petition Now

Vape advocates say with over 1 million cancer related deaths per year in Europe, it’s time the politicians got behind the Back Vaping Beat Cancer campaign.

It was launched by the World Vapers Alliance [WVA] back in September this year and there’s still time to add your thoughts and experiences around e-cigarettes and cancer.

back vaping beat cancer

Michael Landl, WVA Director, said:

Four years ago, I stopped smoking and switched to vaping.

I knew that it was one of the most life-changing decisions I would ever make, and I have never looked back.

I have experienced first-hand the benefits of vaping.

The European Commission will launch its EU Beating Cancer Plan towards the end of this year, outlining a European strategy to tackle cancer.

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce vaping as an effective measure to help millions of smokers quit and reduce one of the leading causes of cancer in Europe: smoking.

Indeed it is – find out more and please sign the Back Vaping – Beat Cancer petition now.

Aussie Vapers Petition – Government “Full Of Crap!”

With Australia’s vaper now forced to get nicotine via doctors and through prescriptions only, vape advocates are demanding a rethink from the Government.

A petition of over 7,000 signatures was handed into parliament by the Western Australia Liberal Democrats, and calls for a scrapping of the ridiculous prescription only rule.


The campaign was organized by Legalise Vaping Australia that has tirelessly campaigned to get the Draconian anti-vape laws lifted.

In typical outspoken Aussie style, Leader of Liberal Democrats WA Aaron Stonehouse, had something to say about the idiotic health minister Greg Hunt:

Greg hunt is completely full of crap.

The majority of people who vape are people who’ve quit smoking.

The overall health benefit is clear. The United Kingdom and New Zealand promote vaping as an alternative to smoking.

These people are addicted. They aren’t all tech savvy, they’re not the sort of people who can go online and import liquid nicotine.

If we don’t make it easy for people to get onto vaping, they’re going to die.

Vaping needs more politicians like this bloke – that’s for sure.

Vape Tweet Of the Week – Jim McDonald

Ha! Love it!

Jim at his most cutting best lol.

and finally…Vuse Drums Up Awareness…

Big Tobacco backed pod makers Vuse has teamed up with a ‘DnB band‘ and the world of motor sport in a bid to get more global awareness.

I’ve heard of McLaren Racing – however my eyes kind of clouded over when I heard the band Rudimentary was a UK based drum and bass outfit – or a beat combo as I call them – *old*…

Vuse global partnerships

The collaboration is part of the Vuse Routes of Inspiration campaign and will see the world of motor racing and music come together on a number of projects.

Locksmith‘ [one believes that’s his ‘street name’ lol] from Rudimental says:

We’re all about inspiring and bringing people together from all walks of life through the music we create.

We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot at McLaren and it’s crazy to think how much synergy there is with the world of music and sport when it comes to inspiration!

Crazy indeed…

Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, McLaren Racing, Mark Waller said:

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Rudimental as part of Vuse’s Routes of Inspiration campaign.

A top racing team needs speed, passion and innovation, qualities that also create a successful global band.

This campaign and our partnership with Vuse continue to help fuel our commitment to innovation, design and advanced technology; all of which together can bring electrifying moments of inspiration.


I did have to look up exactly what Drum n Bass was…apparently it’s:

…a genre of electronic music characterised by fast breakbeats (typically 165-185 beats per minute) with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers.

I’m guessing it’s the kind of bloody ‘muzak‘ they play far too loudly at Vaper Expo… *shudders*…haha says the old grumpy man lol…


More vape news on Wednesday

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