Which is better for Relx pod system kit, Relx Alphap pod system kit, Relx i pod system kit and Relx infinite pod system kit

Relx pod system kit is the first generation of Relx

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At present, it is the most cost-effective version of Relx with the most 14 flavors

Advantages: The price of the pod cartridge is relatively cheaper.

Disadvantages: Condensate accumulation needs to be cleaned regularly.

Recommended crowd: The starter. 

Alpha pod system kit is the second generations of Relx

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First, the appearance of the Alpha battery device has been changed. The matte feel and texture contribute to better feeling. Secondly, the coils resistance is greater than that of first generation. Thanks to the pod cartridge with the s-shaped ring design, it is not easy to leak e-liquid, and you would never vape e-juice condensate. 

Advantages: no ejuice leakage, no condensate can be vaped, and the flavor is better.

Recommended crowd: heavy vapers, or those prefer to purer flavor.

Relx i pod system kit is the third generation of Relx

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Compared with the second generation, I prefer to the flavor and appearance of the third generation. The appearance of the non-slip design of the device battery is my favorite. The third generation comes with the non-slip stripe design, you would be never worried about leaking from the pocket.

As far as the flavor is concerned, it is smoother than the second generation, and the resistance is a comprehensive version of the first and second generations. The condensate is completely locked and will not leak at all. It is tightly sealed with 4 layers of silicone, which achieves the highest level of e-juice leakage prevention technology.

Finally, connecting to the app’s real-time intelligent monitoring function, you can see how many puffs and which flavor, and you can  lock the pod device with one click. This function is very useful for those who have kids at home.

Advantages: Smooth taste, soft cotton, can be linked to mobile phone real-time monitoring, anti-lost.

Disadvantages: the price is high 

Recommended crowd: e-cigarette enthusiasts.

Relx infinite pod system kit is the the fourth generation of Relx

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Relx infinite combines the advantages of the other three generations,it comes with shaft material, matte feel and breathing indicator,which is similar to Alpha. The drip tip come with flat design which is the same as Relx i .

It is worth mentioning that tthe Relx infinite pod system kit come with charging compartment which is small and easy to carry, and it is best for travel.

Disadvantages: The same intake hole design as the first generation is easily blocked by dust.

Advantages: Relx infinite combines the advantages of the other three generations while coming with charging case

Recommended crowd: novice, or somewhere between a generation and Alpha Ling point.

Which is better for Yueke e-cigarette generation, second generation, third generation and fourth generation? Therefore, in summary, there are unlimited options in terms of cost performance. If it is higher consumption, choose the spirit point. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with having money to go to the spiritual point. I think that the spiritual point is expensive to consume.

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