What is the difference between HEETS and Marlboro heatsticks

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Some people still wonder if HEETS can be used on the IQOS, Is HEETS Marlboro’s heatsticks cartridges from miscellaneous brands? Some beginners were surprised that it was made by Paramount when checking out the Parliament logo on the back after buying the Russian version of HEETS,it was not made by the Marlboro-made cartridge! ! Is that ture?

IQOS heatstick is developed by Philip Morris International Inc. (referred to as PMI), and the cartridges used for heating cigarettes are sold in different countries with multiple brands, including those used in Japan. “Marlboro” is well known by many people. There are also HEETS in Europe, and the “Parliament” used in Russia, Ukraine and other places. However, the brand of HEETS has also been used uniformly since 2018.

Marlboro’s parent company is PMI. PMI itself is a world-class tobacco company. In addition to Marlboro, its brands include L & M, Chesterfield and Parliament. The Marlboro is just a brand for promotion and sales in Japan. Other countries are now using the HEETS brand, including South Korea, and Russia and some Eastern European countries that previously used the Parliament brand now.

Because Marlboro is more famous, and the promotion of IQOS in Japan is very successful, when IQOS came out, many people called IQOS Marlboro e-cigarettes. Until now, some people think that the heatsticks with Marlboro Logo is a regular. 

Many people think that what is produced in Japan is a good thing. This is indeed a place where Japanese people can be proud of. Marlboro heatstick may only be produced in Japan and sold in Japan, without deliberately marking Made in Japan on the packaging. Instead, the Korean version of HEETS is printed with “Made in Italy”.
Most of HEETS are still made in Italy

The HEETS on the Russian version, if it is produced in Italy, will be printed with the words of “the factory in Italy”, and the logo of “from Parliament” will also be printed on the back, which may be due to the tradition of “Pelemon” Cigarettes are more well-known and better-known in the local area. Now in addition to Italy, South Korea and Russia have begun to produce HEETS.

The problem of Marlboro side leakage

It is also worth noting that there is no tin foil packaging inside the Marlboro heatstick. After heating and puffing, the evaporated e-juice seep from the side, and the side leakage is serious,that is why those think that Marlboro series cartridges may have more e-juice, but in fact may have leaked more.

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