What are the main brand ejuice

Buyecigkits.com summarized these well-known e-juice brands,we hope to give you some references and suggestions

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Official Profile: It is an art-filled e-liquid brand. It is created by 13TH FLOOR ELEVAPORS. It creates the highest standards with the concept of art and life philosophy. The three sexy e-juice flavor allows vapers starting the mysterious journey of luxury senses. 30ML packaging was selected with concentrations of 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

2, 7 Daze

The brand was born at the end of 2013 and began production in Los Angeles, California in 2014. Its flavors are all fruit-flavored and have seven different flavors: Selfie Sunday, Red Apple eJuice, Reds Apple eJuice ICED, Crawlie Tuesday, TGIF (Thank God Today is Friday), Monday Blue , Humpday, TBT.


ANML is a high-end e-juice. It is different from many -juice. It is more of a light, quiet, and slightly warmer. It also evokes strong memories and time. Divided into 7 flavors, including Carnage, Fury, Beast, Grizzly, Thrasher, Reaver, Looper, where Carnage is based on strawberry and fruit jelly Mixed, while the Looper is a blend of fruit, wheat ring and milk.

4, Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape is a tropical fruit flavor, a flying fuel flavor that pilots love, a thick and smooth smog, enough for you to enjoy a variety of flavors including Sweet tooth , The Dude, Mr. Miyagi, Hoops, Heist, Manchu, Miss White.

5, Apollo

Apollo e-liquid is divided into 15 flavors: Newyork to Paris, Strawberries Gone Wild, Very Berry Banana, Maui Waui, Big Vin, Keemee, Mouse, Green Party, Miss Samoa, Funky Monkey, Guava Balast, Air Mail, Pan-am, Bossa Nova, Gone Baby Gone Lost Baby.

6, Vaping Outlaws

Vaping Outlaws are divided into Four Horsemen, Mayhem, Moonshine, and Jawbreaker.

7, Odin by BW

The famous American -juice company BW has created a high-end brand Odin for the demand for genuine original -juice. Although there are many high-end brands of -liquid in the current market, BW’s Odin truly promises every detail with high standard from production to packaging, allowing customers to be attracted by their noble and special temperament from the first moment of experience. The most amazing thing about Odin is that its flavor is subtly changed according to the change of the heating temperature of the coils. When the temperature is raised to a height, it will produce a completely different and brand new flavor. Give customers a magical experience like never before.

8, Aria Elixirs

The contribution of ARIA’s anarchic brand in the field of electronic cigarettes is well known. Whether it is in e-juice, atomizer, mechanical rod, pressure regulating host or heating wire, the well-known and reliable degree of anarchic products make many vapers enjoyable.

9, Alloy Blends

There are 11 flavors of Alloy Blends, namely Blonde (sweet vanilla custard), Bluing (blueberry + marshmallow), Crucible (cream vanilla cappuccino), Etched (lemon and citrus mixed fruit dessert), Fracture (creamy peanut butter), Lustor (waffle cone), Quenched (strawberry bubble gum), Smooth ( pineapple yogurt), The Doh (Boston cream donut), Velocity (Dutch fried apple pie), Vented (vanilla + tobacco) .

10, PUFF

PUFF’s NBV is divided into three flavors, KNOX, MALLORY and NASH. The three types of ejuice are named after the person’s last name. There is also the classic Black Jack ace, as well as other flavors, MC KLUSKY, Mr. Banana, NOISE, Fresh, Harvest , Desert, Red Dragon, Keen Tobacco, Country.

11, Ben Jonson’s

Ben Jonson’s is no stranger to some old vapers. His brand influence and history are deep in the United States. The “Oreo” taste is more familiar. The brand also includes Snickelfritz, Morning Dew and Schooner.

12, Blaq

Blaq is divided into two flavors, namely Origins strawberry tart, whole wheat meringue wrapped strawberry tart. Visions cantaloupe with blueberries, cantaloupe, bananas and berries topped with icing sugar.

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