What are the kinds of e cigarette, which is yours

There are wide ranges of ecig kits and accessories flooding on the market,tons of vapor starters are troubled by which one is preferably,it’s time for Buyecigkits.com classify for you vaper beginners.

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Classified by charging method

1.  disposable e cigarette kits;

2, rechargeable e-cigarette: the battery is designed as a component with a atomizer containing nicotine solution, evaporation device direct charging kit (mostly on the market);

3, portable charging electronic cigarette: the battery is designed as a component with the vaprizer, evaporation device and mobile charging device (similar to mobile phone charging treasure device);

4, wireless charging electronic cigarette: At present, wireless charging technology is still not perfect, most of the powerful electronic cigarette R & D team are string to develop this project, which is one of the future development trends of electronic cigarettes.

Classified by the shape of electronic cigarette

1. Cigalike: the size and appearance of the ecig is the same as that of real smoke. When vaping, the electronic cigarette light has the same effect as the ash head;

2, non-cigalike: all kinds of shapes cater to a wide variety of people.

Inventory electronic cigarette products in chronological order

1. Soft drip tip electronic cigarette kit: the cigarette drip tip is like a cigarette holder;

2. disposable electronic cigarette kit: the cigarette rod of the electronic cigarette cannot be charged;

3, Ms. e-cigarette kit: very small in diameter, much like a woman’s cigarette;

4, e-cigar:  the originator of e-cigarettes is ecigar;

5, flat mouth electronic cigarette kit: the cigarette holder is a plastic flat mouth;

6, mini e-cigarette kit: the shape is more like the size of cigarettes;

7: epipe:electronic cigarette shaped like a pipe;


8, cartomizer electronic cigarette kit: the atomizer and the cartridge are integrated together so that it is not easy to leak and big cloud;

9, EGO ecigarette kit: the body is slightly larger than the cigalike switching the automatic switch on the cigarlike to manual, it is pretty easy to carry contributing to more suitable for business people ;

10, VGO electronic cigarette kit: relatively large EGO with cartomizer;

11. Mechanical electronic cigarette kit: Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes do not have a circuit board. They completely rely on mechanical principles to deliver current to the atomizer end. The battery capacity is generally large and can be replaced at the same time;

12, high-power box mod electronic cigarette: can adjust the number of electronic cigarette wattage, bringing the thrill of a large amount of smoke. It is the most popular electronic cigarette on the market.

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