What are the four newbie suggestions for nicotine salt ejuice

The four questions shared by Buyecigkits.com hope to help those vapor starters to how to use nicotine salt ejuice properly and enjoy it.

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1. What atomizer is suitable for using nicotine salt juice?

There are many rebuidable atomizers available on the market. Generally, high-resistance mouth-suction type products cart to the atomizers that deal with high-concentration ejuice such as nicotine salt . The “MTL” type on the market is a good choice. From another point of view, how to distinguish whether it is suitable for mouth in indirect inhaling is based on whether the atomizer is single-wire and whether it is a small intake type design, and so on.

There are also many references on the market: FUMYTECH GOTANK MTL, Cthulhu Hastur Mini, VXV Soulmate RTA, ASVAPE ZETA RTA, or the older KAYFUN series.

2. Is it suitable for MTL?

The name and classification of the atomizer is only a reference, and the MTL is not an “absolutely suitable” label. Some MTL products on the market use the those mouth-pulling with single-coils. As a premise of using nicotine salt ejuice, it is generally only suitable for the high-resistance conventional single-wire coils. For example, less than 1.0 ohm

Secondly, it is about the flavor. Generally, the long-end suction atomizer can effectively alleviate the irritant caused by high concentration of ejuice. Therefore, the shorter the design of the flue is, the less suitable it is for high concentration. For example, the flavor of RTA 35MG with ASVAPE ZETA is significantly stronger than that of FUMYTECH GOTANK MTL.

3. how many times does the coils turn around?

“Two more turns” is a trick. For example,it can be changed to 9-10 laps when using nicotine salt eliquid instead of using 28G/2.5/7 laps for 6MG in the past, .

Loose winding is also a rebuidalbe method that is very suitable for using nicotine salt ejuice. The method of loosening and “two more turns” has the same purpose, so that the flavor is softer in use, and the common resistance will be from 1.6 ohms to 1.9 ohms.

4. What is the concentration of nicotine salt ejuice?

The flavor is heavy for newbie,In fact, there is a certain skill in the currently available on the choice of concentration in the market. For example, switch to 20-25MG. Especially or those who use RTA can refer to the concentration of 20-36MG, which is more suitable to achieve the concentration of 50MG nicotine salt ejuice.

Above all,High-concentration nicotine salt eliquid and RTA are the most economical and most playable combination. Each device has its own positioning position at the beginning of design.

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