What are the detailed solution on common questions on vape pod kit

1. What are the major classifications of vape pod kit ?

According to the different structure and functions of vape pod kit, the current pod kit can be divided into three types: disposable vape pod kit, pre-filled pod kit and refillable pod kit.

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 2. What are the characteristics of different types of pod kit?

Disposable pod kit: it can not be charged and filled with vape juice. It is relatively small and lightweight,which is convenient to carry. One-time pod cartridges currently come with many different flavors .It is optional for those who are starter.It needs to be purchased repeatedly. Most disposable pod kit come with a battery lifespan for about 300 puffss, which is a bargain equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes.

Pre-filled pod kits: The pre-filled pod kit are rechargeable, and the flavor can satisfy more vapers to choose from their favorite, and can be replaced at any time for different flavors.

Refillable pod kits: rechargeable, refillable e-liquid and replaceable cartridges, you can choose from your favorite e-juice flavor for refilling.

3. What are the costs?

As far as the enclosed pre-filled pod kit is concerned, the consumption in daily use is enclosed pre-filled cartridges. The refillable pod kit consumes the e-juice and pod cartridges. Generally speaking, the pod cartridges can be refilled with vape juice for vaping for more than 5 times. 

4. What is the endurance of the e-liquid and power of vape pod kit?

Although the power consumption during use is very small, most of the pod kits can meet one day of battery lifespan under full power. In terms of e-liquid, refillable cartridges and closed pre-filled cartridges can be used for one to two days for frequent vaping, and disposable vape kits can meet more than 300 puffs.

5. Do I need to buy a special charger?

In addition to disposable vape pod kits, the other two rechargeable pod kits come with a dedicated charging cable when they leave the factory. The charging input current of most pod kit products is about 0.5A, so when charging the pod kit, it can be completely connected to the USB charging port of the computer without a special charging device.

6. Which type of pod kits are more cost-effective?

If you consider the price / performance ratio, you should switch to the user’s frequency of use and usage needs. 

Purchase suggestion:

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a disposable pod kit to check out whether you are accustomed to the flavor. Many people just can’t accept the difference between e-cigarette flavor and cigarette taste. You can get used to it.

If you have slowly adapted to the flavor, we suggest that you can switch to refillable and pre-filled pod kit to reduce usage fees.

7 How to choose from according to your needs?

Generally speaking, one-off disposable pod kit is the optional for vapers with low frequency of use and certain social sharing needs. Those with higher convenience requirements and higher flavor replacement requirements prefer to closed pre-filled pod kit. The refillable pod kit is preferably for those who use more frequently and have their favorite flavor of e-juice.

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