What are the 5 hot-selling blueberry-flavored ejuice

With the increasing number of vape juice, the taste of fruit-based e-juice has also become more and more abundant. Blueberry-flavored e-liquid, which was once rare in eliquids, is ejoying a great popularity among the vapor market.Today buyecigkits.com have integrated the market’s highly acclaimed 5 popular 5 hot-selling blueberry-flavored ejuice for everyone’s choice

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1, Gorilla Limon Best Berry 

Taste experience: When you open the bottle, you will smell the aroma of the blueberry juice, which is slightly sour. After a slightly sour blueberry taste into the mouth, the taste is full and heavy, and the blueberry taste is quite good. Come with a cool lemon taste straight into the throat, how cold and not irritating!Exhaled vaping will be a slight acid aftertaste in the mouth.

Review: the hick and clear blueberry tastes, the slight coolness with blueberry taste.

2, Innevape Heisenberg Methol

Taste experience: Mint will slowly turn into a cold feeling at the entrance. The blueberry flavor bursts out in the throat, it is obvious but not too thick, a little sweet. Exhaled vape retains a little blueberry flavor and slightly sweet staying in the mouth… The more the pumped, the feeling of mint is weakened by the adaptation of the mouth, and the fruity aroma of blueberry accumulates in the mouth with the suction again and again.

Review:  summer “heatstroke”.

3. Blue Dragon

Taste experience: the taste in the dropper is mixed with the bottle, the light scent of the imported berries and the clear blueberry is slightly cool, and the cocktails are mixed with blueberries.

Review: A blueberry mixed e-liquid come with three different flavors,very smooth, moderate cooling, light and refreshing blueberry taste .

4, gorilla Berries In the Blush

Taste experience: Vape juice smells very sweet strawberry aroma,which is pretty soft, as the vaping enters the mouth, the sweet strawberry taste is enhanced, which is sweet and delicious. The taste of blueberries spread out when vaping, giving a very juicy taste experience. 

Review: Refreshing and not greasy blueberry mixed ejuice, mixed with strawberries, the taste is very juicy, very suitable for friends who like pure fruit taste experience.

5, Krumble

Taste experience: Heavy blueberry flavor, and the resulting blurry feeling is like the faint scent of the sandwich cake, starting to appear sweet,just like have a cookies after vaping.

Review: New nicotine technology, 6mg will not feel too irritating, blueberry dessert flavors, dessert control are worth trying a vape juice

Five blueberry-flavored e-cigarettes come with a very good taste experience and have been loved by many vapers.

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