US Senate urges FDA to take action to prevent teenagers from being addicted to electronic cigarettes


by Martin Smith

Recently, got a news that a number of US Senates issued a letter to the FDA asking the FDA to take action as soon as possible to prevent young people from being addicted e-cigarettes, especially those e-liquids such as candy, marshmallow, and butter cookies. Note that these flavors of e-cigarettes can easily attract the interest of teenagers, and even entice children to try cigarettes.

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The US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has consulted the Department of Health and Human Services on how to better regulate the taste of e-cigarettes, with the aim of limiting the adolescents’ obsessence with e-cigarettes in terms of taste.

A recent study has shown that replacing the original smoke of traditional cigarettes with different tastes of e-cigarettes can help people reduce their dependence on smoking. Similarly, a large company in the industry has published similar views in related magazines

The US Center for the Study of Substance Use has collected more than 20,000 e-cigarette smokers’ habits. It has found that fruit-flavored vape juices is more and more popular among adult vapers, and has escaped the traditional taste of cigarettes through various flavors of e-cigarettes. Dependence, this is a good thing for smoking cessation.

E-cigarettes are products used to quit or replace cigarettes. Although American teenagers are addicted to e-cigarettes, the whole product is a good thing for all smokers. How to prevent young people from indulging in e-cigarettes while taking care of the people who really need it is a matter of concern for all e-cigarette R&D companies.

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