The Smok nord pod starter kit review and analysis on difference between the Smok nord and Smok novo

The Smok nord starter kit is a new portable pod kit from SMOK. The biggest difference from the previous Smok novo pod starter kit is that it comes with a physical button to trigger ignition(buy the smok nord starter kits free shipping at

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This change also makes this ecigarette more fun to manually control.

The appearance still continues the SMOK family-style design “snake grid”,the smok nord pod system starter kit is as compact as a palm, retaining the vape juice window and the curved mouthpiece that fits the lip more. The main body and the upper and lower edges of the fuselage are made of high-gloss stainless steel. The inside of the battery rod is gold-plated and the bottom is made of rubber pad. As far as the thickness of the fuselage edge is concerned, the workmanship is relatively solid. You don’t have to worry about the deformation. The charging interface placed in the fuselage greatly enhances the unity of the body feel.Reusable 3ml pod support multi-size replacement coils

It comes with small mini drawer type package box on the front of which the main product picture is centered , the product features are arranged vertically on the right side, the product introduction and use warning are printed on the back of the package, and the latest front-end laser anti-counterfeiting technology is used on the side to ensure consumers can instantly identify the product.

Package configuration:
1x Nord device
1x 0.6ohm Mesh Coil for Subohm Vaping
1x 1.4ohm Regular Coil for MTL Vaping
1x Usb Cable
1x Manual

Product parameters

Smok Nord pod system starter kits comes with the physical button ignition button, support double-click power display, a LED power indicator light can be seen above the button, green light indicate that the battery power is greater than 70% / orange indicates 50% / red indicates less than 30%, and the shuttle ejuice window is retained to check out the remaining ejuice at all times.

Duck-billed mouthpiece features the lower straight line, which is changed to a curve shape that fits the curvature of the lips and is more humanized attributing to vape comfortably compared with the former Novo mouthpiece.

Compared with the Smok novo pod starter kits, the nord is more dominant in height, and the width and thickness are increased.  1100mAh mAh for a portable pod kits is enough to show the advantages in the battery life experience

It come with a reusable pod. Its 3ml capacity is also rare in similar products. 

The inside of the top mouthpiece adopts an inverted triangular funnel shape, which is used to maximize the acceleration of condensate return, thus avoiding the problem of condensation inlet.

The device uses a three-point contact similar to the magnetic interface type, and a black rubber material is used around the pole to avoid condensation corrosion.

Smok Nord pod kit contains two different specifications of coils, 0.6Ω mesh coils / 1.4Ω conventional coils, of which 0.6Ω is steel mesh coil, known for fast heating speed, 1.4Ω is a regular ceramic coil,which needs to be purchased separately. 

The connection between the coils and the pod is abutted by a rubber ring. After close connection, it becomes a complete atomizer structure. The atomization heating is realized by the adsorption of the ejuice in the guiding hole of the coils, which can also be understood as pod supports use repeatedly , and only needs to replace the coils.

The filling hole on the side of the pod is sealed by the rubber pad.

How to refill the ejuice

Step 1:Pull out the pod

Step 2:pull out the rubber plug on the slot

Step 3:Add eliquid through the slot

Step 4:Press the rubber plug back carefully and firmly.

Do not vape immediately after full filling the pod,keep the device kit stilling for 2~3 minutes to get it cotton saturated completely

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