Smok RPM40 Pod System Starter Kit 1500mAh review

Today,buyecigkits tested out  and reviewed the Smok RPM40 Pod System Starter Kit 1500mAh

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The packaging box pattern of Smok RPM40 Pod system starter kit 1500mAh comes with 3D rendering product pattern, the right side of the package box pattern is marked with a 1500 mAh super battery capacity pattern! And four red circles at the bottom of the package pattern include MESH steel mesh, 0.6Ω NORD coils, double pod design, IQ-R new processing chip respectively! The biggest feature is that the packaging matches the appearance of the main body of different colors according to different host colors!
Besides the packaging, the carton with the consistent black color is changed to a simple white!
Package Item list: RPM40 device, two pods, MESH steel mesh, 0.6Ω NORD new coils, USB charging cable, instructions, warranty card!

Smok RPM40 Pod System Starter Kit 1500mAh  device is made of zinc alloy with cubic shape(25*25*99mm, Weight: 99g), the main body is integrated with the black panel to set the ignition key, screen, adjustment button, and the surrounding contour adopts a full streamlined design. It looks more stereoscopic! 

SMD carbon fiber panels are used on the back and sides of the devices.
The top Smok RPM40 Pod System Starter Kit device with two gold-plated electrodes inside is docked in the form of a buckle, which is different from the mainstream strong magnetic.

And it does adopt the traditional button method instead of the mainstream air switch form, and the buckle comes with a role to press the finger to adjust the resistance.
The bottom of the device and the four corners come with a rounded chamfer transition,the bottom is the USB charging interface! Built-in powerful 1500 mAh battery prolongs the battery lifespan.

The shape of the cartridge is flat with a dropper shape, which is more conformable to the lip shape and provides better comfort. The RPM40 is equipped with a double pod. The translucent black pod and transparent pod come with two coils, which are 0.4 ohm and 0.6 ohm . The two-color pod is the most direct way to distinguish between MTM(mouth to mouth) and MTL(mouth to lung).
The Smok RPM40 pod capacity close to 5ML is free vapers from the distress on frequent refilling! The side of the cartridge comes with a silicone plug! The eliquid can be directly refilled into the bottle.
Smok RPM40 can be used to change the coils without changing the pod, the vapers would never be worried about replacing the pods frequently. The bottom of the pods just accommodates the coils, and the aspheric ring on the coils is connected with the sealing inside the pod to form an integrated vaping passage.
The RPM40 chip supports an adjustable power range of 1W~40W and the resistance of a coil of 0.2Ω~2.5Ω, which improves vaper playability and achieves an amazing 0.001-second ignition response speed. Different types of smoke oil were tested by using different coils .The taste is all restored very in place.

The RPM40 provides that you can enjoy the big cloud and the pure flavor even if you put away the bulky box mod device.

【sum up】

For the RPM40, the traditional large vape device function is integrated into the smaller and portable body. Fully compatible with the concept of Real pod Mod and integration. The playability of the RBA components and the traditional smoke price have been improved several times. You would not disappointed with the RPM40 if you are heavy vapers! For vapor starters, the RPM40 is worth considering! 

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