How to repair and maintain Hitaste P6 HNB heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device

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The computer will hang when the machine hangs, does the HNB heat not burn device hang when working? Definitely! As long as it is running the software with a single-chip MCU. A simple reason may be that the internal voltage is not stable, the MCU suddenly becomes silly, and the device will hang. At that time, it will not respond to any button to heat the device, it may be that the display is always on, or it may be completely black. Of course, other hardware problems can also lead to hangs situations.

When the heating device hangs up, how to do. You can try plugging in and charging, which will play resetting the RESET function, but if there is no response at all when charging, unplug the charging cable immediately, because there is a chance that even the power management part is already “silly” in the crash state. If you continue to charge, you may get out of control and cause an overcharge explosion.

With the current design of Hitaste P6 HNB tobacco cigarette heating device and P5 heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device, there is no “detection reset while charging” function. If the P6 and P5 crash, there is no need to try the “plug-in charging” method.

P6 P5 neither have Ctrl-Alt-Del, nor reset button, so it cannot be restarted; you can pull out the battery and try to restart after power off. As for P6 and P5, it is best to return to buyecigkits as soon as possible to check the warranty.

There is a compromise method, let the P6 P5 heating device discharge for a few days, please do not try to charge and restart until all the electricity is discharged. If the display is on for a long time when the device is hanging, the discharge will be quicker; if the display is black when the machine is hanging, wait more time. However, the failure rate of “Black Screen of Death” is very low. 

HiTaste P6 breakdown repair problem
HiTaste P6 HNB heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device was launched in early 2019, and it has been almost half a year. The improved P6 based on P5 has absorbed the experience of the previous P5. P6 has relatively fewer problems, but there are still the following common faults. If you encounter product quality problems, please contact buyecigkits for maintenance as soon as possible for follow-up.

The display shows “LOAD SHORT” “Error Message” when pressing the power button three times. This is because the internal wiring has a problem and needs to be returned to the factory for repair, which is a repairable fault.

HiTaste P6 top cover magnetic attraction problem and failure situation
The P6 has a heavier body, and the upper cover design of the P6 HNB tobacco cigarette heating device is not strong enough. If you only hold the upper cover, the body is easy to slip off, meanwhile,it is also found that the upper cover of the P6 becomes very loose and the suction power is obviously insufficient after just purchased or after a period of use. It is possible that the internal magnet is not installed well or has fallen off and needs to be returned for repair.

How to clean and maintain the HiTaste P6 HNB heating device
For daily cleaning, it is best to turn the device over after each use to beat out the tobacco stuck in the heating chamber. Clean the inside of the heating chamber with paper towels or alcohol cotton swabs every day to remove the fallen tobacco and e-juice stains. The upper cover should also be wiped and cleaned regularly, and then wiped dry. When you find that the heating needle is relatively dark, occasionally use a high-temperature cleaning of “eight quick presses” to evaporate the stain and the heating needle will turn white.

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