How to pick your first vapor preferred as a starter

E-cigarette is flooding on the market, you would be confused by the advertising words exaggerated by major businesses to choose the so-called imported ecigs If you are not a experienced vaper, so you have to face a series of problems including you’ve determined what you need and what kind of vapor you need and how to pick your first vapor preferred as vapor starter, just reading this article suggested by carefully,you may have ideas on how to do,here we go.

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First of all, make sure whether you want to enjoy smoke or simply find the flavor

If you are enjoy smoke, then pick up a high-powered vapor kits with atomizer. If you are looking for a simple flavor, just switch to small power portable vape starter kits and atomizer with a small air intake.

If it is just alternative to cigarettes, then there are many professional cigarette-type ecigs that can be considered. They usually have simple operation and are easy to carry, but they are expensive to use (ie, the cost of cartridges or refills).

The second, how to choose from the atomizer?

The atomizer is divided into a finished atomizer and an RBA atomizer. The finished atomizer needs to come with the matched finished coils, but usually the vaping effect and the flavor of the finished coils are stable. After all, it has been designed before. It’s easy to use and replace, preferably for the starters and those who don’t have time to diy wires.

However, the shortcomings of the finished coil are also obvious. The first is that it is extremely difficult to reset the coils and consumes time significantly. The second is that the finished coil is prone to the problem of confusing the flavor of the ejuice when changing the eliquid. Most importantly, The higher price of the finished coils will greatly increase the cost of using the electronic cigarette (of course, there are also some finished atomizers with RBA kits, which can make their own coils).

The RBA (rebuildable atomizer)r is divided into RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) / RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer)/ RDTA (rebuildable drip tank atomizer), which can be divided into the ones with small ohm vaping large smoke and the others with big ohm vaping small smoke.

It will be very complicated to introduce in details on these three types of atomizers. Due to space limitations, I put the portal here. You can go to the details of the type of atomizer you are interested in.




After having a basic understanding of the atomizer, it is to choose the atomizer according to its own situation (in fact, you will still buy a lot of atomizers later), at this time you can refer to the reviews on various atomizers. recommend the types of atomizers that are easy to build wires and have high stability (not easy to leak ejuice and jumping resistance and the condensate is not easy to liquefy at the drip tip).

After that, the power supply equipment is selected. There are many types of power supply equipment, including mechanical rods, pressure regulating rods, voltage stabilizer rods, mechanical boxes mods(hosts), and semi-mechanical mainframes (protective chips are added to the mechanical mainframe). , potentiometer box mod(host), power box (regulation box, but now there are very few boxes with pure power adjustment), temperature control box mod (host).

As far as the mechanical equipment is concerned, it is not highly recommended for beginners, because it requires strong professional knowledge, and the safety cannot be guaranteed.

Power supply equipment also needs to be selected based on your own needs. Usually, recommends using a host with at least dual battery configuration. The battery lifepan and power can meet the needs of daily use (after all, the battery also represents the battery capacity enhancement), compatibility Higher. Of course, if you go out often, or can’t accept too large device, you can also choose from a single or built-in battery host.

The last, that is your budget, you have to take a lot of pits as a vapor starter, so you need to understand the reliable brand yourself, can not trust the words of the business side, squeeze to vaper’s youtube or post review and ecig forum, decide how to choose through your own thinking .

Back to the topic, if you insist on using a finished atomizer, how much your main budget is based on what kinds of eliquid and the finished coils picked. The initial host and finished atomizer are not very expensive, and can be priced at around 20-50 USD. Battery and charger overhead is between 10-20 USD.

If you choose an RBA, you need these basic tools: wire rods, wire cutters, scissors, cotton, heating wire, tweezers. The specific price is determined by the quality and is estimated to be between 20-100 USD. The cost of each atomizer reset is approximately 0.5-2 USD (excluding fancy coils).

It is not easy give you guys unbaised review on how to pick ejuice recommended,there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes, however, it is recommended to try the trial first, or find a friend or a physical store to try out the eliquid for free, you will always find the right one.

Above all, if you are a beginner, pick the vape starter kits with finished coils and box mod low powered . If you are a heavy vaper, you could pick rba or those high power vapor.

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