How to choose your dripping atomizer preferably

Vaper beginners are always trouble by which dripping atomizer is preferably, just follow to check out the questions and answers on how to choose the desired dripping atomizer

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1.Which dripping atomizer is easier to rebuild with an coils?

At present, there are a large range of dripping atomizers building with single coils and tank atomizers on the market, single coils could do a good job at good flavor thanks to the building coils with various types. You only need to install one coil, which is relatively time-saving.

2.How to choose the dripping atomizer according to your flavor preference?

The flavor of the drip atomizer is actually related to many factors. The most important influence on the flavor is the coil and the atomizer airflow structure, if the same coil is used. In general, the drip atomizer with direct airflow at the bottom is relatively rich in flavor, while the drip atomizer with the side airflow is lighter but more layered,the composite airflow come with more taste changes.

3.Which drip atomizer could build more wires?

Many types of wires can be build, such as a vertical wire, four or even multiple wires,those most suitable for building wires are two-column four-hole drip atomizer.4.How to judge whether the drip atomizer is compatible with your favorite ejuice or heating wire?

At present, most of the drip atomizers are constantly improving the compatibility of their coils, but there are also some flat-shaped coils that are difficult to pass through the atomizer lock wire holes. Vapers can compare the width of the coil and the width of the atomizer lock wire hole position to select which drip atomizer could build more coils.5.Which drip atomizer is more convenient for dripping ejuice?

Generally speaking, the drip atomizer with the side airflow can directly fill the vape juice from the drip tip, however, the bottom filling ejuice attribute to the more reasonable refilling method. Selecting a drip atomizer that supports the bottom filling ejuice can save labor in daily use, and it will not be inconvenient even if it is carried out. 

For those who prefer to easy building and filling atomizer, the single coil bottom ejuice filling drip atomizer would be preferably. The atomizer that supports dual wires is more suitable for those who are enjoy big clouds and more rich flavor.

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