Ammo-LT Pre-filled Vape Pod System Starter Kit Review

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Ammo-LT Pre-filled Vape Pod System Starter Kit specifications

Ammo-LT Pre-filled pod battery device parameters

Battery capacity: 360mAh

Charging time: 45 ~ 60 minutes

Available puffs at full power: 350 ~ 400 puffss

Weight: 45g

Size: 78.5mm (95mm fitted with pod cartridges) * 23.5mm * 12mm

Material: zinc alloy + POM

Ammo-LT pre-filled vape pod cartridges parameters

Capacity: 1.8ml

Coils resistance: 1.3Ω ± 0.15Ω

Puffs for per pod: 500 ~ 600

Main ingredients: natural vegetable glycerin, medical grade propylene glycol, nicotine salt, natural flavors

Nicotine salt content: 5%

Favor:Cool Mint,Green bean,Red Wine,Su Yan,Mango,Lychee,Bubble Gum,Blue Berry, Pei pa, Almond,Pineapple,Coffee️,Cola,White Tea,Ice Cream,Perrier, Fudge,Green Bottle, Mate Herb,Good Night Drink,Belgian Berries,Arizona,Jelly Belly

The two ends of ammo-LT pod system starter kit are round. Place the ammo-LT pre-filled vape pod kit next to the mineral water, ballpoint pen, and lighter. You can see that the ammo is about the size of a lighter.

The vernier calipers were used to measure the length, width and thickness data respectively. The height of the battery device is 78.5mm, and the length of the cartridge is only 95mm, the width is 23.5mm, and the thickness is 12mm, which is consistent with the official data.

The weight of the battery device is 40g, which is almost twice the weight of other small cigarettes. This should be due to the overall use of zinc alloy material in the ammo body, while most other products are made of plastic.

In addition, the surface of the ammo device uses a black touch paint process, which improves the texture and is very soft and comfortable to hold in the hand. 

The device battery structure is simple and practical, with a dark gold logo on the front and a shape like a smart car logo.A long oval indicator is below the logo, the the manufacturer information is on the back, and the universal USB charging port for Android phones is at the bottom.
Let’s take look at the top of the device, the upper opening of the battery device is hollow, and a space and a base for docking with the pod cartridges are reserved. Two raised brass electrodes are in the middle of the base, each of which comes with a disc-shaped magnet on the outside, which is used to absorb the pod cartridges. Between the electrodes, two black air intake holes are arranged vertically, the overall structure is clear and reasonable, and the workmanship is very detailed.
The Ammo-LT pre-filled vape pod kit come with rounded delicate shape with soft touch, all of which highlight the extraordinary background of ammo, which makes people admire at first sight.

The official nominal battery capacity is 360mAh, under full charge, it can be puffed between 250-300, the average is about 280 puffs. Is 280 enough? Let me make a quantitative explanation.

The nicotine content of ammo pod cartridges is 5%, the nicotine content is about 0.2mg, and the nicotine content of one traditional cigarette is between 0.8mg-1.2mg, so when fully charged, it can meet the usage of 50-60 cigarettes, that is between 2 and a half-3 packs.

Four, ammo pod cartridges

Ammo’s pod are made of POM. Some vaper friends may not know what pom is. I will briefly introduce it. POM is short for English, and its full name is polyoxymethylene, abbreviated as pom, which belongs to thermoplastic crystalline polymer. POM is non-toxic, widely used, and there are food-grade, drinking-grade POM materials. POM is chemically stable and has similar hardness, strength and rigidity to metals. In many cases, it can even replace metal materials. It is known as “super steel” or “race steel”. No wonder it looks like a crystal, but it is in the hand. 
The upper of pod cartridges is 23.5mm in wide, the thickness is the same as the battery device, which is 12mm. The lower half is reduced by a circle, 21.5mm in wide and 10mm in thick, the length of the cartridges pod is 32.5mm.

It is worth mentioning that the driptip of the pod cartridge adopts a wedge-shaped necking design, and the thickness gradually decreases from 12mm to 4.5mm. This design is obviously designed to fit the curvature of the lips. After complicated measurement and calculation, the fit angle of the driptip to the lips is about 26.7 °, which is smooth in the mouth, without roughness and foreign body sensation. This is probably because the driptip is completely polished. The opposite part of the lower part of the pod presumably is to increase the friction between the pod cartridges and the battery device to prevent the cartridges from sliding down.

The official capacity of the cartridge is 1.8ml. For verification, the weight of the empty cartridge is 4.32g, and the prefilled cartridge is 6.34g. The density of the vape juice is heavier than water, generally between 1.1 ~ 1.15mg / ml, and the average value is 1.125mg / ml. (6.34-4.32) /1.125=1.8ml. Well, consistent with official data! 1.8ml, 5% nicotine content of e-liquid is equivalent to 4 packs of half cigarettes, basically can be used for 2-4 days.

The bottom structure of the pod cartridges corresponds to the battery device, which are the electrode contact, the magnet and the double air inlet. The middle of the contact of the pod electrode is recessed, and the middle of the contact of the battery device is raised, this design can increase the contact area and firmness between the electrodes, and effectively prevent the virtual connection of the pod cartridges.

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