Bidi vapor disposable menthol flavor product rejected by FDA

According to foreign reports, an update released by kaival brands innovations group, bidi vapor’s exclusive distributor, shows that although bidi vapor has received a PMTA marketing rejection order (MDO) for the product, bidi vapor will continue to manufacture and sell its art (Menthol) bidi stick products in the United States.

BIDI Stick Disposable Vape

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As of September 10, the U.S. Food and drug administration has released MDO for about 992000 electronic nicotine delivery system products from 168 companies. Bidi vapor’s non tobacco flavor bidi sticks received MDO, including its artistic (Menthol) bidi stick.

However, the company insists that it is wrong for FDA to mistake artistic (Menthol) bidi stick for seasoning. Since bidi stick is menthol, bidi vapor believes that the product is not limited by MDO.

The company wrote in a press release: this position is consistent with the FDA’s public statement and press release that tobacco and menthol e-cigarettes are not regarded as flavoring products subject to MDO. Therefore, together with bid stick with classic tobacco flavor, bidi intends to continue to produce and sell menthol bidi stick and continue to distribute it.

The company has always derived almost all its revenue from the sales of seasoning bid stick and seems willing to accept law enforcement risks.

“If FDA disagrees with bidi vapor’s position, issues a warning letter, or takes other actions against bidi vapor, resulting in our inability to distribute menthol bidi stick in the United States, or consumers do not buy classic tobacco or menthol bidi stick, our income, and thus our financial performance and condition, will be materially and adversely affected.” The distribution company wrote in its press release.

In the three and nine months ended July 31, 2021, menthol bidi sticks accounted for about 15.2% and 18.5% of the company’s total sales of bidi sticks, respectively.

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