Banning the sale of e-cigarettes during the new crown epidemic or triggering the second public health crisis

According to Fox News, an e-cigarette seller in the United States pointed out that banning the sale of e-cigarettes during the new coronavirus epidemic would cause a second public health crisis. A dozen of its customers have reported that they have been forced to switch back to cigarettes because they are unable to buy e-cigarettes in their state. The business called on the government to make wise and scientific policies, rather than look at e-cigarettes with a short-sighted eye.

The following is the full text of the merchant’s readme:

Raja krishnamoorhi, a democratic representative of Illinois, called on the FDA to ban the sale of e-cigarettes during the coronavirus pandemic, proposing an irresponsible, straightforward and dangerous measure. This short-sighted proposal will not improve overall public health; it will drive former smokers back to flammable cigarettes or dangerous black market products.

I know this because I have smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for 35 years, and electronic cigarettes have saved my life. It also enabled me to start my own small business, giving me the opportunity to help others quit smoking and reduce their chronic diseases.

At present, our country needs wise and scientific policies, rather than spreading fear that eventually leads to another public health crisis.

Senator krishnamursi’s argument is not based on evidence. It even ignored the FDA’s recent statement. According to federal agencies, the impact of vaping on covid-19 risk is “unclear,” but a large number of studies have shown that smoking is associated with potential chronic health conditions associated with covid-19, such as COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma. There is no comparable scientific evidence that nicotine inhalation can cause those underlying health conditions.

On the contrary, the 2018 report of the National Academy of science and engineering, the FDA funded medicine (nasem), concluded: “there is a large amount of evidence that the complete shift from the regular use of flammable tobacco cigarettes to the use of electronic cigarettes will reduce the short-term adverse health consequences of some organ systems.”

Withdrawing steam products from the market while maintaining the supply of cigarettes will not achieve any of the objectives of representative krishnamursi. This will only aggravate the current crisis. I’ve seen this with my own eyes, because my e-cigarette business is considered unnecessary in the blockade policy issued by my state in response to covid-19. I was forced to close down and stop selling. As a result, I was informed by 12 customers who were forced to return to traditional cigarettes. They just contacted my people in person. Thousands more have been forced to do so. We cannot deprive Americans of a safer alternative to cigarettes, because they already face unprecedented uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.

As a former smoker, for 35 years, I have been relying on steam products to get rid of this habit, which is my daily life. E-cigarettes not only allow me to quit smoking, but also solve some potential health problems caused by my smoking habits, such as diabetes and sleep apnea. This experience is consistent with the findings of nasem.

I know the fact that without steam products, I still smoke. That’s why I want to help others in similar situations and make sure they have access to products that help me.

Now, I am proud to own and operate many e-cigarette stores in Kentucky and Ohio. Like me, most of our customers are looking for ways to quit smoking. These people should not be punished for trying to change a positive lifestyle.

Between 10 and 13 million adults in the United States use steam products to quit smoking. The sudden ban will force them and me to re-use harmful cigarettes that take the lives of nearly 1300 Americans a day or rely on a new and dangerous black market.

In addition to the undeniable public health impact, a comprehensive ban on e-cigarettes will also threaten more than 13000 enterprises and nearly 90000 jobs, aggravating the economic plight caused by the epidemic. My own e-cigarette store has had to lay off employees as they try to make a living after two months of forced closures. In this uncertain era, we want our politicians to support our small businesses, not destroy them.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to ensure that steam products, as alternatives to cigarettes, can be widely used to help people quit smoking and stay away from traditional smoking. At least, steam products should be as easy to obtain as other tobacco products, but most importantly, steam products should be sold like cigarettes in convenience stores all over the country even when domestic orders continue.

In this period of time, it is extremely irresponsible and narrow-minded to even recommend banning a safer alternative to flammable cigarettes. I will not sacrifice the future of my business and the health and safety of my clients in pursuit of a political agenda. It is essential that our leaders, such as Congressman krishnamursi, focus on the big picture and understand the broad consequences of such drastic measures.

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