Australia’s electronic cigarette import ban will be extended for another year

The federal government of Australia will extend the ban on the import of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine vaporizers.

The ban will last for 12 months, allowing the medical supplies authority (TGA) to conduct public consultation on the regulation of nicotine products.

TGA is considering a revision of drug standards, which means that vaporized nicotine products will require an effective prescription.

The final decision is expected to be announced in early 2021.

Australia electronic cigarette ban

Under the ban, Australians will still be able to use electronic cigarettes with nicotine in their carburetors, provided they discuss their needs with doctors, who provide prescriptions.

They will obtain electronic cigarettes or refills through a license granted by the Ministry of health to doctors or medical providers who will be able to import these goods through express or freight services.

It is reported that electronic cigarettes can not be imported through international mail.

The move was welcomed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA). “Nicotine is a very addictive substance and no tobacco use is safe,” said Chris zappala, AMA vice president

E-cigarettes and steam products are not healthy alternatives to smoking, he said. Anyone who wants to quit smoking should give information and advice to the general practitioner.

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