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Top 3 vape company with highest atomization technology in vape industry


The core independent intellectual property rights are always the soul of the any industry, . Only with the core technology research and development capabilities and independent intellectual property rights, can we always take advantage of the industry technology competition process. And it’s certainly the same for the vape industry.

Zhang Qianqian, a senior domestic investor, believes that the e-cigarette market will go through four stages: first, the market will be shuffled, there will be big fish swallowing small fish, and there will be technology-branded good money to expel bad money; second, there will be more explicit industry norms; third, technical iterations, because better technology is needed to help it become healthier; fourth, stronger regulation. She also pointed out that there will be three core elements in the future e-cigarette project: the first is to seize the mind; the second is to have independent research and development technology, technology is the key; the third is to have strong sales channels, and the channel will build sufficiently effective barrier for competitors. Among them, she mentioned the technical problems of e-cigarette twice, which is enough to show that technology is crucial to the future survival and development of e-cigarette companies!

The core of the electronic cigarette is the atomizing core. Whoever has the cutting-edge independent intellectual property atomization technology can become the model of the electronic cigarette industry. In this regard, the various leaders of the electronic cigarette industry are naturally well-informed, and each of them strives to develop the core atomization technology, trying to seize the new highland of the industry and become bigger and stronger.

1, SMOORE FEELM black ceramic film atomization technology

Smoore Research’s new generation of ceramic core technology – “FEELM metal film atomization”, using ceramics as a carrier, and high-temperature forged ceramics, a large number of honeycomb capillary pores inside, which is more conducive to the uniform penetration of vape juice and heating atomization, while retaining and enhancing the original characteristics of the ceramic core pure and rich taste.

The core technology of FEELM is to completely get rid of the shackles of the traditional heating wire. The metal film is covered by a special process at the bottom of the ceramic, and the “S” type distribution is used to greatly improve the overall heating performance.

After comparative analysis of the data, it is concluded that the amount of vapor generated by FEELM metal film atomization technology is 52% higher than that of traditional cotton core. This breakthrough vapor generation makes the transmission efficiency of nicotine much higher than that of traditional technology as 56%. For the user, the effect is very obvious. The multi-dimensional breakthroughs such as taste, atomization efficiency, and nicotine transmission rate have finally made FEELM metal film atomization technology have a unique concept of “instant atomization”. The most direct feeling brought to users is the smooth feel for throat. You can experience full and real nicotine taste with FEELM.

In addition to the user-level improvement, FEELM metal film atomization technology has abandoned a number of short plates inherent in traditional heating coils due to the adoption of new heating materials, which provides a broader space for product production design. The unique structural design not only improves the atomization efficiency, but also is more conducive to the product packaging, and the effect of preventing the leakage of vape juice is very obvious. The pod vape using FEELM metal film atomization technology has a more pure taste, more stable performance, more reliable usability, and a significant improvement in the vaping effect. This is also why only FELM metal film atomization technology won the Golden Leaf Award in 2018 as the only Chinese technology brand in the tobacco industry.

The emergence of Smoore FEELM black ceramic film atomization technology has raised atomization technology to a new level. Just launched the market, it won the “Golden Leaf Award” in the global tobacco industry, and it is also the only Chinese technology brand that won this award in 2018.

2, ALD new heating core Silmo 3.0, creatively broke through the technical bottleneck that has plagued the electronic atomization industry for many years.

SILMO 3.0 ald

After more than two years of arduous exploration, polishing and precipitation of the previous two generations of products, ALD invented the Silmo 3.0, a new type of ceramic heating core.

Silmo 3.0 is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of electronic atomization. It is specially designed for low-power atomizing vape devices, which not only meticulously restores the best taste of the atomized liquid of each category, but also perfectly expresses the explosive power of the low-power heating body. Based on the mature modular process design, Silmo 3.0 is the first to realize the fully automated production of the heating element, significantly improving the consistency and stability of the heating element, and creatively breaking through the technical bottleneck that has plagued the electronic atomization industry for many years.

1, high degree of reduction, the ultimate taste. Silmo 3.0’s unique drainage groove design and special heating element form make it characterized by fast e juice guiding, fast heating, large heating area and uniform heat distribution, ensuring users pure and rich taste from the first mouth.

2, safe, reliable. pure and natural. Silmo 3.0 adopts pure cotton-free structure, away from cotton fiber impurities; the advanced ceramic substrate is resistant to ultra-high temperature and non-volatile harmful substances; heat medium is precisely designed to achieve structural temperature control; no lead design, away from welding pollution – during storage, atomization. The liquid is pure and stable; when working, the vapor is natural.

3. High consistency and high stability. Silmo 3.0 is made of high-strength new microporous ceramic matrix, which can be batch-formed, printed and cut. It adopts contact conductive design and does not require manual welding. The whole machine adopts modular design to achieve fully automated production, ensuring high consistency and stability of the product.

3. The micro-porous ceramic atomizing core of Firstuion Group has perfectly solved the problem of traditional vape on the market, and brought about significant breakthroughs and improvements.

In May 2017, Firstuion Group‘s “Key Technologies of Vape Atomization System with New Ceramic Structures” development project is proposed to be funded by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission for 600,000 RMB! As of March 2019, Firstuion Group has applied for and obtained more than 1000 patents for inventions, utility models and designs at home and abroad. It has continuously made breakthroughs in the field of electronic smoke atomization technology and new tobacco. Honeycomb ceramic technology is an important milestone in the development of traditional atomizing technology.

The honeycomb ceramic atomization system, compared with the traditional atomization core, brings consumers unparalleled experience:

1. Good taste: Reduce vape-juice-conducting medium of cotton cloth, high reduction degree of taste;
2. Non-dry-burning: strong thermal conductivity, reduce the risk of burning, improve service life;
3. More environmentally friendly: the heating process itself does not produce harmful substances;
4. Vape juice leak prevention: Micron-scale holes on ceramic surface can lock vape juice and prevent vape juice leak better.
5. Healthier: Effective filtering of large particles in vape juice to protect health.

Bonus: Buddy Group released an upgraded version of HNB core components – composite metal heater, which completely broke through Philip Morris’s patent monopoly to major heating elements.

Buddy Group, as the first electronic cigarette manufacturer in China to introduce needle-type low-temperature non-combustible products, established Bolian New Material Co., Ltd. several years ago strategically, and began to focus on the research and development of low-temperature non-combustible core components. After several years of hard work, engineers broke through the technical conventions of ceramic thick film and innovatively developed the use of metal + ceramic composite heating elements, which has five advantages:

1.No more “broken parts”. The inner metal core supports the ceramic shell. The heater doubles its strength and toughness. It can be used continuously, and it will not deform or crack. It is a complete farewell to the history of “broken parts”.

2. Fast heating. A new type of metal composite heating element, which adopts the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process of stainless steel shell, can realize rapid heat conduction and heating of the heating element.

3. Accurate temperature control. Various forms, TCR temperature control or thermocouple temperature control can be used to provide a variety of choices and high precision temperature control to ensure a high degree of consistency of product aspiration experience.

4. There is no residue in the heating body. The surface is smoothed and coated with a special black coating, which enables the heating element to remain pure and flawless in use.

5. Atomic-level special technology. Ceramic composite metal heating element, cast by atomic technology, is the most robust heating element so far. It is a new style of appearance design, and presents to you in real and deep black.

Buddy Group’s composite metal heating elements are designed and developed by more than 100 professional engineers, and have won many national and international patents. This innovative technology completely breaks through the patent monopoly of Philip Morris to major heating elements.

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