Friday, June 21, 2024

ARVIA: Legal Tasmanian Vapor Would Add Jobs, Save Costs


Tasmanian smokers and the health system would save big dollars if vaping using nicotine was legalized, according to The Australian Retail Vaping Industry Association (ARVIA). The group has also suggested Tasmania could gain new businesses and jobs if it was the first jurisdiction to make the move, with much of an estimated $438 million per year spent overseas by Australian vapers being spent in Tasmania.

ARVIA said member surveys showed at least 70 per cent of Australian vape businesses would consider establishing in Tasmania and creating new jobs if the state was “first mover”.

“Legalising vaping would be a win-win-win for Tasmania’s health, jobs and economy,” ARVIA spokesman Russell Zimmerman said, according to an article in The Examiner. “With the second highest smoking rate in Australia … every measure which helps Tasmanians give up traditional cigarettes offers significant health benefits.”Zimmerman said research had shown vaping was up to 95 per cent less harmful than smoking.

He said that had led to many developed nations legalising and regulating it as a proven way to help people quit cigarettes. “Studies from New Zealand forecast the country is set to see health system savings of $720 per citizen from their liberalised approach to vaping, savings which I’m sure most would agree would be very welcome in Tasmania,” Zimmerman said.

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