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Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises


There have always been hidden dragons and crouching tigers in electronic cigarette industry, hard-working excellent enterprises are countless. They are low-key and humble, but occasionally attract the attention of the public inadvertently. Among many such excellent enterprises, one of the most typical representatives, an invisible king, is Shenzhen Zhuolineng Electronics Co., Ltd. (ALD GROUP LIMITED).

Zhuo Lineng Company (hereinafter referred to as ALD) was founded in 2009. Its headquarters is located in Shiyan Town, Bao’an, Shenzhen, a town where most people are not familiar with but there are well-known enterprises such as Skyworth and Ensmey. Success is by no means of accident. Major enterprises gather here to make good use of the land and do their best. With the passage of time, the kingship of ALD is becoming more and more obvious. Now, its mysterious veil is being unveiled step by step.

ALD is a standard electronic cigarette industry veteran enterprise. In the company’s establishment in 2009, the electronic cigarette industry has just emerged, electronic cigarette is still in the most primitive stage. Among the veteran enterprises, the number of enterprises that still maintain strong competitiveness has been countless. Other successful veteran companies have long been well known, but ALD has always insisted on staying away from the spotlight. This makes the public particularly curious about this enterprise, why can this mysterious enterprise be a king in this unique genre in the end?

ALD has maintained an average growth rate of 100% in the last three years, doubling its performance every year, and has unknowingly leaped into the first echelon of the industry. It has established a solid strategic partnership with major top vape brands, multinational tobacco companies and many foreign listed companies. What power is behind this steady and rapid growth?

The public information shows that ALD company is positioned as a “high-tech enterprise engaged in research and application of atomization technology”. Its atomization technology has been widely used in various fields: electronic nicotine delivery system (electronic cigarette), medical device (CBD oil atomization), and low temperature heating products (HnB, low temperature tobacco products).

This is significantly different from most of the electronic cigarettes, which mainly focus on OEM assembly business. They are not only an electronic cigarette enterprise, not only in the field of electronic cigarettes, and not only in the traditional OEM assembly business. The core business of the company is the research and development and application of atomization technology, which means that technical cooperation, directional development and providing complete atomization solutions for customers, which are the core competitiveness of the company. It completely breaks the limitations of the OEM model.

According to the preliminary information, ALD is currently equipped with more than 100 R&D teams, and has invested heavily to set up its own research institutes and high-end laboratories. At the same time, its product development system has been greatly upgraded, from the traditional “functional management model” to the “integrated matrix system” of Huawei model. It also plans to invest tens of millions of yuan annually in the continuous improvement of R&D system in the future to ensure the absolute advantages of enterprises in the field of technology and product R&D.

In addition, ALD company also equipped with the industry’s top standards of production: 8S management mode + ISO 9001 quality management body + GMP standard production environment, to provide a strong guarantee for production and quality control, monthly output of more than 8 million atomization equipment.

Besides the obvious R&D driving mode, ALD company is also unique in corporate culture construction. Military + school + family is a unique and creative management mode, which advocates self-discipline, learning and growth, while also full of care to employees.

Moreover, the Analects of Confucius, the Three-Character Sutra and Buddhist and Zen Language can be seen everywhere in the enterprise, which embodies the unique cultural gene of the founder and becomes a beautiful scene in the enterprise.

ALD company’s corporate mission is to “deliver value, achieve you and me”, and its core values are “integrity, learning, dedication, innovation, persistence and gratitude”. From the selected words and ranking, we can see the founder team’s deep thinking about the value of the company. At the same time, we can also tell that although the road ahead is still long, ALD has already started taking off.

The electronic cigarette industry is in chaos, and the future environment is still grim. In today’s world, business competition is led by product competition, technology competition, management competition and ultimately cultural competition. From the drive core of ALD company, its rise is inevitable. At the same time, we sincerely hope that domestic enterprises can fundamentally enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the improvement of the world status of Made in China like ALD.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ALD:

Q: How do you think about ALD

A: A reliable vape factory. It has great planning of the future and steady growth over the years.  And it has strong researching & development in atomizing technology.

Q: What’s ALD’s major course, OEM, OBM or ODM?


Q: According to the article, ALD has a low-key style with strong ability, but why are they so humble?

A: It focuses all its resources on product R&D, not advertising or marketing at present, like the early Huawei.



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