American media remind parents that puff bar e-cigarettes are making their children addicted

puff bar

According to foreign reports, adults are always one step behind in keeping up with youth culture, except for adults in the tobacco industry.

These guys keep pace with what kids want: Fun flavors like strawberries and horseradish that look like high-tech devices, and that’s how we now have more than five million American teenagers using e-cigarettes.

In addition to this alarming trend, Latino middle school students in California are more likely to try e-cigarettes. However, when the FDA announced new regulations on e-cigarettes at the beginning of this year, we worked hard to end the e-cigarette crisis among young people, which has made e-cigarettes the most commonly used product for middle school and high school students.

Unfortunately, the pressure on the tobacco industry has affected FDA policy. Its taste restrictions also open the door to a new category of flavored e-cigarettes: puff bar, a cheap, disposable e-cigarette product with the same high nicotine content as Juul. But puff bar also has more teen flavors, such as OMG (orange, mango, guava), blue razz and rush.

This is not where we want to be in the National Youth e-cigarette epidemic crisis. With the popularity of puff bar, we can look forward to a new set of one-off competitors, offering low-cost, disposable electronic candy, fruit flavored nicotine that children can throw away before they go home. Although we are more alert than ever to young people smoking, our children are not harmed.

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