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ALD’s CPU Upgraded to Triple Core Processor


ALD Official Announcement

Following the launch of the atomization technology brand SILMO™ in March, the first automatic production layout completed in June, ALD officially announced in October that it has successfully introduced its R&D system of the world’s top 500 companies-the IPD R&D System, which realizes the upgrading of innovation R&D ability and customer service ability.


So far, ALD’s “CPU” has been officially upgraded to the industry-leading ” triple core processor“.


IPD Introduction Schedule

Preparations for IPD system deployment began in October last year, and the IPD system was officially launched in March this year. In May, the system was debugged, stabilized and operated, and the initial results were obtained in July. In August, the pilot project was completed and resumed. In September, ALD promoted IPD process throughout the system.


ALD’s Triple Core Processor

With the formal implementation of IPD R&D management system, ALD has completed the closed loop construction of research and production innovation of “atomization technology (technical brand) + innovation and research system (IPD) + manufacturing upgrade (automation)”. The trinity research and production system has become the engine driving ALD’s steady and rapid development from the inside out.


  1. Leading new “core” technology

Focusing on technology innovation, ALD takes research and development as the core drive.


  1. Strong manufacturing ability

To achieve the product quality and production efficiency, ALD takes the lead in the layout of automatic production.

Over 40,000 square meters of high-end production and manufacturing center produces more than 30 million atomizers per month.

  1. Advanced R&D management system

The industry’s first successful introduction of the world’s top 500 R&D system -IPD escorts the R&D innovation of enterprise.


The successful introduction of IPD R&D system further solidifies ALD’s market-oriented and customer-centered research and development innovation model, which also significantly improves the quality and efficiency of product research and development by more than 30%, and the ability to serve customers.





IPD- an innovative research and development system that may be still unfamiliar.

Ascetic System innovation

Learning from the Global 500

IPD(Integrated Product Development)is a set of advanced integrated product development management ideas, methods and models introduced by Huawei in 1999 enlightened by the international giant IBM. In 1992, IBM initiated the IPD system and achieved great success after internal promotion.

In other words, IPD system has accomplished two world giants-IBM and Huawei in the past 30 years.

In fact, the ideas and methods of IPD system have been widely used in Fortune Global 500 companies.


The fact of successful application of IPD in the Global 500 shows that “the advancement of an enterprise is not a single point, but a system. Enterprise innovation starts from system innovation”.


IPD System Architecture:


  1. Take customer orientation, market demand as the source of product innovation.
  2. Focus on customer and market input product planning and focus excellent resources on core customers and products.
  3. Emphasize on the accumulation of technology platform and technology innovation. Continuous platform construction and technology innovation is the basic guarantee to serve customers well.
  4. Emphasize on the integration of internal cross-departmental team resources, parallel and efficient collaboration service for terminal customers.
  5. Focus on integrating good practices and tools into the product development process to improve efficiency.


What knotty problems can be solved in the e-cigarette industry by Global 500’s system?


In the e-cigarette industry, traditional R&D has problems such as individual combat, high trial-and-error cost, long cycle, dissociation of R&D and market and so on.

As a R&D innovation tool, IPD possesses the characteristics of fine management and collaboration of each module, such as R&D aiming at market pain points, decision-making layer, R&D layer, marketing layer, etc., which effectively avoids the blindly research and trial.

At the same time, the R&D process will give priority to consumer pain point analysis over development analysis. The prominent advantage in the “forward-looking product” and “market pain point product” development can help corporate customers research and develop more marketable products so as to reduce cooperative customers trial-and-error cost and unnecessary promotion loss.

Combine innovation, quality and service to create value for customers. in a period of rapid development, most of companies in e-cigarette industry are busy expanding their business to make hot money and fast money at present. However, ALD believes that in order to achieve sustainable development in the industry, the accumulation of R&D and innovation ability is the key, and so is the continuous creation of products that meet the needs of current and future users. As the first company in the e-cigarette industry to introduce IPD system, ALD show a business attitude of creating continual value for customers through innovation, quality and service.



ALD Group Limited Characteristic IPD

Actual R&D increased by 30%

Since the introduction of the IPD system into operation in May this year, several pilot projects of ALD have achieved remarkable results in terms of product development efficiency.

1. Customer satisfaction was significantly improved. The project team in the early stage participated in customer demand analysis and scheme design in an orderly manner. More attention to customer satisfaction has been paid in the later stage than before.

2.The product development cycle has been reduced from the past 130 days or so to the current 100 days. The development efficiency has been improved by 25%.

  1. The yield of the product in the trial production of EVT, DVT and PVT has been significantly improved, and the one-time pass rate was increased by 30%, which benefits from parallel engineering of IPD system. Representing the back-end department, NPI participates in the R&D and design process from the very beginning to ensure the systematic product development and greatly improves the manufacture ability.
  2. The efficiency and coordination ability of cross-departmental cooperation were significantly improved. Different roles perform their respective duties in the product development process, whose sense of initiative and responsibility has been significantly improved.


EVT- Engineering Verification Test

DVT- Design Verification Test

PVT- Process Verification Test


Final Thoughts

Be Ambitious While Down to Earth

This time, ALD Group Limited introduced and successfully operated the IPD system for cooperating with the existing atomization technology and automatic production system. It will undoubtedly lead the new industrial upgrading of the industry and trigger a new wave of R&D innovation in the e-cigarette industry. ALD will also unswervingly increase the investment in R&D innovation, and continue to create value for customers. In this process, the concept of “customer-oriented” will become the basic concept throughout ALD’s fundamental research, product development and intelligent production. By constantly improving and developing our own research and production management system, we believe that in the near future, we will stand on the top of the world.

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