Wednesday, July 24, 2024

ALD Sterilizer Pod Vape Leading the Trend of Design Direction


It is reported that the industry’s first e-cigarette with UV sterilization function- Sterki has been developed by ALD and introduced at the exhibition in Dortmund, Germany.

ALD Group Limited, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise specializing and leading in electronic atomization technology research and applications. ALD’s business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HNB (Heat-Not-Burn device). Benefiting from the scientific research and development system, deep technical accumulation, strong manufacturing capability, as well as customer-and-user-centered business philosophy, ALD has not only established a solid strategic partnership with a lot of internationally well-known brands as well as multinational tobacco giants, but also won widespread respect among vaporizer consumers.

“Sterki not only meets the demand of e-cigarette users for more healthy e-cigarette products, but also breaks the serious problem of homogenization of product research and development in the industry at present, and successfully shapes a product with personality differentiation and humanization. It is a significant reference for the global development of e-cigarettes.” evaluated by a senior testing expert in the industry.

With sterilization efficiency up to 99%, Sterki offers science and technology health care for users.

Dust and bacteria on cartridges have always been a headache for the majority of e-cigarette users. Although there are solutions of many brands on the market, the most popular way is to avoid the problem of cartridges by wearing “dustproof caps”. Although “dustproof cap” can avoid large particle pollution, it does not have sterilization function. And it is still easy to be lost and cause secondary pollution.

Starting from the second half of 2018, the e-cigarette industry ushered in a period of rapid development and broke out a situation of “thousand e-cigarettes war”. However, from the perspective of the industry, the speed of product innovation is far behind the needs of users, and the homogenization of product form and function is very obvious. E-cigarette’ s shape development focuses mostly on product appearance, while function development focuses on taste and e-liquid flavors. The essence behind “thousand e-cigarettes war” is stereotype.

Based on the actual needs of users, in addition to the sterilization function, Sterki is designed with battery increase, fine body material, and perfect vapor volume. No matter from the appearance or function, Sterki is a product based on the real needs of users. It leads the industry’s trend by solving pain points one by one.

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