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ALD Group Limited to Unveil its Latest Vaping Technology at CEE 2019


On June 28th-30th, 2019, ALD Group Limited (ALD) will attend CEE 2019 in Beijing, China at Booth #T9911. Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo (CEE) 2019 is recognized as one of the largest and most important electronics events in China. ALD, as an industry-leading e-cigarette enterprise will be present to showcase its technological advancements in pod system, getting to know what the other people think about vaping and discover about the industrial development together.

“E-cigarette is seen as a tobacco substitute, and has been popular in Europe for over 10 years, However, China occupies little market share. We’d like to take the unusual chance to communicate with the people at home and get more people to know about e-cig.” said Robinson Deng, the Chief Marketing Officer of ALD.


Revolutionary Heating Technology SILMOTM 


At this three-day event, ALD will showcase its new vaping solution SILMOTM that takes flavors of e-liquid to a whole next level. SILMOTM is a pioneering heating coil technology brand empowered by a fusion of features including heat uniformity, fast oil conducting, instant vapor, and pure taste. ALD will continue to explore the future of the pod system as part of its commitment to provide users with a futuristic vaping experience.


To Check out Pod System Powered by Silmo 3.0


Silmo 3.0, the first heating coil that officially released by SILMOTM, has been used in ALD’s latest pods namely Vapmax, Vlight and Vingor. The pod devices are stylish and portable, featuring draw-activated firing mechanism that makes them stand out in the pods market. They all offers a fast and consistent vapor delivery, allowing user inhale naturally. Combining modern design and the latest technology, the pods with built-in Silmo 3.0 offers the purest taste in every draw.

ald silmo



SILMO™ is a technology brand owned by ALD Group Limited. By introducing advanced cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing technology into vaping industry, it’s accomplishing its mission to lead the development of industry in a sustainable way.

Following are the Silmo new product details:

ald silmo product details ald silmo product details ald silmo product details ald silmo product details

ald silmo product details specifications ald silmo product details ald silmo product details

ald silmo product details

ald silmo product details specifications
Automatic production for Silmo, lowest price pod system in the world with the best and most stable quality
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