6 Ways to Maintain Vape Devices Effectively

Vape cleaning and maintenance are pretty crucial for every vaper. Learning essential maintenance tips is vital to prolonging the life of your device and ensuring that it serves you well.
The proper cleaning and maintenance habits will help ensure that the vape device will always satisfy your cravings. With this, you can avoid incessant and constant changing of the device, especially when you consider that vape devices are pretty expensive.
The good news is, there are various maintenance tips you can cultivate. From choosing the suitable vape device to the care and maintenance of your vape battery, you can do many simple things to make your dry herb vaporizer last. This article will explore six ways to maintain your vaporizer:

Take Care of the Heating Chamber

The flower experiences a rise in temperature in the heating chamber which produces the vapor you inhale. Some devices come with a chamber or tank and could be made of various materials like glass, strong plastic, or stainless steel.
Wear and tear are expected since the heating chamber is subjected to such extreme temperatures. This calls for special care for the chamber, like cleaning with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl.

Understand Your Device

Dry herb vaporizers like DynaVap produce vapor by raising the temperature of the dry herbs, placed in the chambers.
The heating can happen in two ways –  conduction and convection. Conduction involves direct heating, while convection heating consists of using a liquid or gas for heat transfer. The heating method will affect the cleaning approach for the vape device.
Many consider convection vaporizers superior since the heat has no direct contact with the herb. For conduction, on the other hand, some parts of the flowers might get burnt off.
You can use a pipe cleaner dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe the air path. For vaporizers with a filter, soak it inside isopropyl alcohol for some minutes and wipe away the excess before coupling it together again.

Check the Vapor Path and Filter

Every premium dry herb vaporizer comes with a filter that prevents the crumbled herb from getting into the airway so that the user will not inhale it. Since there is a possibility of clogging this part, the vaporizer design is such that the filter will easily be cleaned or completely replaced. As a result, remove the filter screen and soak in warm water until you can easily remove any residue.
The vapor migrates through the vapor path before it gets into your mouth. Hence, there is also a possibility of this becoming dirty. You can clean the vapor path with a pipe cleaner or cotton bud.

6 Ways to Maintain Vape Devices Effectively
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Clean the Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is an essential part of your vaping device. As a result, cleaning it is critical since it provides the path to the vapor. Due to its proximity to the heating chamber and your mouth, there is a high tendency to acquire residue. However, cleaning it is not a big deal.
With a damp cotton cloth, wipe away any residue from the mouth. You can also drop it in warm water. You can dip it in isopropyl alcohol and salt for a mouthpiece made of glass. It will soften the gunk and get rid of all bacteria.
For a mouthpiece not made with glass, open it and rub alcohol to clean it.

Take care of the Battery

Lithium-ion batteries power most if not all vape devices. It is from the battery that the device gets the needed power essential to heat the herb which produces the vapor that you inhale.

  • Portable Vaporizer Battery: Avoid overcharging the battery.Also, it is not a good idea to completely drain the battery before charging. It strains the battery and reduces the efficiency over time.
  • Pen vaporizer battery: As you use the device, there will be dust and debris on the terminals over time. As a result, regularly detach the battery and use a cotton swab to wipe the battery connection.

Keep Your Device-free from Debris

If you want your vape device to work correctly, keeping it free from debris is a good choice. It also ensures you do not ingest any debris or leftovers accidentally. Always use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean your device.

  • Ensure that the entire part of the device, the air hole inclusive, does not have leftovers that could interfere with the airflow or prevent your device from working correctly.
  • Use warm water with a couple of drops of soap to rinse and clean your vape pen. Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning products that could damage the components.
6 Ways to Maintain Vape Devices Effectively
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Cleaning and maintenance of the vape device and especially the vape tanks are essential for every vape owner. This article has discussed the crucial factors for everyone who wants to clean and maintain their vape pen. Don’t forget that your device’s ease of use, cleaning, and maintenance is determined by the specific device and brand you chose.
With this, ensure you buy from reputable brands that produce high-quality devices. For instance, the atomizer and batteries need to be good and solid to withstand heavy use. This will save you the agony of buying and replacing your vape pen parts every time.

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