Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review – DirtyCheck NO.31


Hi everyone, I am your Captain Dirty. Our recent updates have been on the reviews of e-liquids. Are you looking forward to a good device? Today it comes. CoilArt launched the BLAZAR device, which is a device that is positioned for Mouth to Lung and slightly Direct to Lung. CoilArt has also given up the box mod device market and entered the Mouth to Lung pod system market. Now let’s take a look at this device. Isn’t it great?

Brand Introduction

CoilArt, is an American vape brand. In the Chinese market, everyone likes to call it a “mage”. The most famous is, of course, their slogan, “born for players”. They have produced a lot of devices that everyone can name, and they also occupy a certain position in the hearts of vape players.

Coilart logo
CoilArt logo: My choice, my coil

Product Details

The appearance and DIY style design of this product still retains the feeling of that time of 2016. Remember that it was an era when electronic cigarettes were flourishing. The full name box mod was really exciting. The vaporizer is a DIY RTA sucked by mouth or slight DTL, and the device is a mechanical mod with protection.

The product packaging comes with the classic packaging of the mage. Players who know the mage know that there is no other packaging for the mage. This is actually an inherited family design, and the product material is solid.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

From the perspective of product characteristics, this is undoubtedly a convenient and lightweight pod vape, but the size of the 24mm device body and atomizer add a certain amount of weight to this device.

As for the accessories, as shown in the picture, it is basically complete without any problems.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31


This time, the atomizer is more like the device body, with a size of 24mm. There are advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the advantages first. The sufficient size creates a very good atomization condition for vaporizing, and the e-liquid storage capacity increases a lot (measured at 3.8ml, the official standard is 4ml, is a very substantial capacity). In terms of battery endurance, it’s in a relatively good state.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The bad thing is that such a space gives a very empty performance to the high-resistance partiality data. In simple terms, it feels empty in the mouth without layers in taste, which is not satisfying and affects our user experience more or less.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The atomization has abandoned the traditional cap screwing refill, and adopts the integrated refill method by pull-draw design. It is convenient and it saves time and facilitates refilling the vape juice.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

It behaves not well in quality control. The asymmetry of the air inlet holes are not in the state of art, and lead to a sufficient amount of air intake.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31


The size of the device is 24 * 98mm
It adopts a device structure with a protective core and an independent ignition switch, which provides a voltage output of 3-4.2V. It depends on the amount of electricity. In my opinion, do not use a heating coil with a high resistance when heating, because power over 3.8V will easily burn out the cotton and cause a lot of trouble to your taste.

Anyway, this device comes with a sense of ATTO.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The battery replaces 18650 with a 18350 battery. 18350 battery is used in this device for being with a short length. Compare and you’ll find it out.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The color of the device is also unique this time, with a total of five models.

The regular colors are black and silver.

There are also three resin colors at random, each of which is beautiful.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31


This device is ideal for both handling and everyday use. The space of the atomizer is enough for you to use 26ga or even 24ga coil to achieve the state you want. The protection part is also very good, which prevents the temperature from being too high in time. And the device won’t work after heating for a long time, which is safe. Although it sacrifices the battery life of the 18650 battery, it’s smaller, more portable and stylish. However, the battery life is still a drawback. The 18350 battery is definitely a flaw in devices with such a big size. No setting data is given to you this time. Captain Dirty can only tell you that, you need to do a few hands-on tests to get the best taste you want. Everyone moves.

Where to buy Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT


Vape how we roll,All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Captain Dirty Cooperation Wechat: SaingCiao

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

New Juul AI-powered e-cigarettes to help smokers quit nicotine

Juul has filed a patent for a device powered by artificial intelligence. The company says the device can help users gradually quit nicotine by limiting daily intake. It is reported that the e-cigarette company applied for the patent last summer and has made it public recently.

According to the description of the patent document, this device can “communicate” with the vaping device (used to absorb nicotine), and can also replace nicotine and similar non-nicotine products such as citric acid to gradually reduce people’s nicotine intake. The controller applies machine learning to adjust the delivery of nicotine and/or non-nicotine evaporable substances according to the user’s behavior through a supporting application. This behavior can be learned by monitoring the use of the vape and the behavior of the user.

Therefore, this device of Juul can train the vape to understand the frequency and extent of nicotine consumption-according to the patent application documents, the device can be connected to a smartphone-to decide how and when to replace non-nicotine products to reduce addictive nicotine chemical.

In fact, Juul has been brewing this idea for a long time: Juul co-founder and chief product officer James Monsees told the media in 2018 that the company is planning to develop a smartphone-connected device that will be able to authenticate users and help them voluntarily give up nicotine products.

Although it may seem counterintuitive for e-cigarette companies to help users quit nicotine in e-cigarettes, Juul has been criticized for the fact that its products may lead to an increase in the number of young people who vape. The company has also been heavily investigated and litigated for marketing and claiming its products are partly to help people quit smoking.


Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

What did you do on Valentine’s Day? Going out to dinner and/or seeing a movie are two obvious options if those are available to you. However, maybe you’re not dating anyone at the moment. Are you single and ready to date? Are you looking to improve the state of your current relationship?

One big issue that may get you out of a relationship is smoking habits. This bad habit may be difficult to control, but it is also something to watch out for potential partners. Smoking poses many health problems, including an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and the risk of death from lung cancer. Cigarette smokers also smell poorly right after they light up and take frequent breaks away from the activities that two people try to enjoy together.
For me, I personally hate spending so much time with smokers because the smell of the cigarette makes me really sick. The smell of cigarettes on my body can easily be mistaken for me as a smoker, which is very disturbing to me.


Vapers can be gentle

Women find smokers unattractive

Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

A study from the UK published by supplemental oxygen company Inogen found that: Amongst more than 1,000 single adults, 70 percent of women are repelled by smokers, and 56 percent of women said they wouldn’t date a smoker. Amongst male respondents, 46 percent wouldn’t date someone who smokes, and 65 percent claimed that smoking was unattractive.

If you asked the research respondents why they wouldn’t consider a smoker for a date, ninety-one percent referenced the smell of cigarette smoke while 75 percent referenced the risks of secondhand smoke.

Kiss a vaper without a nasty aftertaste

Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

To be honest, smokers have an unpleasant smell that’s hard to get rid of when you kiss them. A kind smoker may carry all types of mints and breath sprays but most of all just don’t have the time. So, they won’t take into consideration that you might not want to taste a bad smell when you kiss them. Instead, when kissing with vaper, you will be curious about the fresh fruity taste in their mouth.


Having a vaper beside you

Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

Girls who vape are far more attractive than girls who smoke, while guys who vape are more entertaining. Vaping attracts girls that have invested in that expensive perfume to attract that special guy without having to worry about a bad smelling. With all those girls vaping, surely they’ll be more interested in a guy who vapes, not smokes.

Vapers are considerate

Being considerate is being polite and caring. Vapers cares more about their lovers, because they think more about lovers. They don’t want to have a bad smell on themselves nor the yellow teeth when they laugh, which will disturb others. Vapers always want to act their best to their lovers, and people like it when vapers are considerate of their feelings.

Vapers are open to trying new things

Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

Trying something new often requires courage. And needing to summon courage is itself a benefit. Vapers are always keen to try different devices, different e-liquids, and different vape tricks. When you try new things, you’ll realize that new experiences are life-changing.

Vapers have better finance condition

Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

Vape pens may be an investment and keeping inventory on your favorite e-liquid is a task, but in general vaper has much money to buy these equipments. Girls love to date rich men because they make them to lead a very happy and stress less life.

Switch now and try vaping!

While that’s cute for a giggle, there seems to be a small, quiet battle between smokers and vapers. When it comes down to picking someone to go out with, especially that special Valentine, there are more reasons to pick someone who vapes over someone who smokes.

Single to mingle: Reasons to Date Someone Who Vapes

For singles, eliminating the smoking habit is a must for increasing chances to date different types of people. If you’re looking for a top-notch option to get started, we’d like to introduce you to the electronic cigarette brand MOTI. We will gladly get you set up with the right e-cigarette and accessories.

Dubai International Vape Expo is postponed to April 10-12

Due to the impact of the epidemic in China, some companies have delayed their operations, and there are some restrictions on flying to Dubai. However, relevant departments of the Dubai government still support the exhibition, and the local government regards China as an important partner and promises to continue to support China exhibitors and corresponding activities.

In view of the current situation, in order to protect the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors, and to meet the needs of market development, the organizer WayJoy decided to postpone the first Dubai International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition originally scheduled to be held from March 18th – March 20th, and the exhibition time was postponed to April 10-April 12, 2020.

The holder apologizes for the inconvenience and they will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation, and communicate closely with all exhibitors to provide a healthy, safe and prosperous exhibition environment for all exhibitors. And the holder will keep you posted on the latest news of the exhibition.

WAYJOY VAPE EXPO / Dubai International Vape Expo

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco flavor review – DirtyCheck No. 30


Greetings, fans of VAPE.HK & Captain Dirty! Today is the first workday of Captain Dirty, and I’m gonna share a nice and popular e-liquid. Though the vape industry is affected by the novel coronavirus, the good thing is the goods can be shipped normally by most shipping companies now. Did you almost run out of your stock of e juice? Do you want something new? Today’s protagonist is Shaky of OREGONVAPOR, apple tobacco!

Brand Introduction

OREGONVAPOR is actually a relatively unfamiliar brand to most people. You can go to Instagram to find out more (Click here for #OREGONVAPOR). E-liquid produced by this company is currently very well-received among pro vapers. And it is necessary to share it with everyone.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

Product Introduction

Shaky currently comes with several types of tobacco flavors: apple tobacco, peach tobacco, apple tobacco with ice, and peach tobacco.

In consumer feedbacks, apple tobacco is the best word of mouth.

From the packaging, the design is also very good, with strong visual impact, eye-catching Shaky logo. Apple tobacco’s design says “NOT FOOD DO NOT EAT” also indirectly illustrates the high quality of this vape juice in the author’s mind.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

The flank side writes 0.0% of NICOTINE. There are very few e-liquids containing nicotine in foreign countries. Nicotine is added by users themselves when they buy e-liquid, but this e-liquid of Captain Dirty is the Chinese version, so there is nicotine content labeling at the bottom.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

The other side is the website address of OREGONVAPOR, some necessary signs and VG / PG ratio.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

The quality of e-liquid is relatively good, the color is also normal, and the additives should be scientific.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

Product Problem

Seeing this title is not a little panicky, haha.

In fact, it is the problem of quality control. There is nothing wrong with this e-liquid. The problem is the e-liquid bottle. The oil-filling hole of the e-liquid bottle and the link between the oil bottle is a triangle. This is a very serious problem in quality control. You can not squeeze with big pressure or it will explode itself out, eject the e-liquid, which is wasteful.

This is the scene of my tragedy.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

Product Experience

6mg e-liquid vaped by Captain Dirty

Reference data: 1.21ohm double twisted coils 30GA 9.5W

In fact, when you open the e-liquid cover, you can smell a very fragrant apple flavor, followed by the entrained tobacco smell. I think it is an interesting e-liquid.
Adding it to the atomizer, taking a sip gives me a very subtle feeling. The front taste is a little bit acidic, and then with the richness of the vapor, the original taste of the apple is changed, and it becomes a dry experience of tobacco. When it is finally exhaled, it returns with the original fragrance of apple, it is a really good e-liquid.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco


Although Shaky produced by OREGONVAPOR is relatively unknown in the industry, I think this e-liquid is a very good e-liquid with special characteristics in tobacco flavor. The only drawback is that the quality control of the packaging is kind of careless. It should be more rigorous or upgrade its own canned packaging. Apple tobacco, with the dryness in the fragrance, gives vaper a refreshing contemplation.

Where to buy Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco


Vape how we roll,All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Captain Dirty Cooperation Wechat: SaingCiao

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

MOTI helps partners resume operations with 7 policies

MOTI provides the following seven assistance policies and ten million subsidies to help partners resume operations and help each other to create victory in 2020!

Policy 1 Distribution subsidy

During the outbreak, most malls across the country were closed, as was the MOTI store. In order to allow users of MOTI to enjoy uninterrupted supply of replacement cartridge without leaving home, to ensure that users can better enjoy MOTI service during the epidemic, MOTI encourages franchise store owners across the country to confirm the age of the user and open 0 contact delivery service. For brand franchise stores nationwide, MOTI will uniformly issue 1,000 yuan worth of goods at the end of March for franchise store distribution service subsidies.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 2 Promotion boost

In order to increase the activity of agents’ partners in all channels, MOTI will successively launch promotional activities for end users, providing promotional support in all aspects from event guidance programs, supporting gifts, material design, etc., to help terminals increase sales. The detailed promotional campaign plan and supporting support will be synchronized to the agent franchise partners by the MOTI regional manager of each area.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 3 Rebate on order

In order to support new players of MOTI MOTI partners, and to give back loyal fan users of MOTI MOTI, all months of March, regardless of the province or the form of cooperation, MOTI MOTI agents joined the partners. For orders, MOTI MOTI will give rebate subsidies for orders. For specific rebate policies, please consult your regional manager. MOTI MOTI will reduce the operating costs of partners.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 4 Investment Promotion

From March 2020, MOTI will start recruiting partners from all provinces and regions through nearly 300 directly-operated stores across the country. Through the display of investment materials and the introduction of MOTI ‘s own team, make more MOTI partners join the agency system of provincial / urban agency partners to help agents recruit partners at all levels.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 5 Shop subsidies

Based on the original plan to invest tens of millions in the shop opening policy, the new franchise stores opened by MOTI’s franchising partners in the second quarter of this year will get an additional 3,000 yuan in shop subsidies (distributed as replenishment) to reduce the cost of opening a MOTI partner’s shop.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 6 Spark Project

Recruitment plans for MOTI Spark Project continue to be launched, helping partners to expand their business. Starting in March, MOTI will continue to invest 10,000 mini vending machines, 1,000 vending machines, and 600 store-to-shop counter display materials, which will help agents join partners to expand their business offline. MOTI will work with brand partners work closely together to enrich offline retail terminals.

* Scope of application: MOTI China franchise stores *

Policy 7 Operational Empowerment

From March, MOTI will open online boutique courses for all agents, providing product knowledge explanation, store location guidance, involving channel distribution, store operation management, customer base maintenance, sales skills and other courses. At the same time, the MOTI online material library will be opened to ensure that all kinds of materials are synchronized to all partners at the first time. In addition, it will continue to update store business information. Through the tool for querying stores near the brand and the MOTI membership system, it will continue to divert users to terminal stores and empower partners in an all-round way.

The “epidemic” of this war is not over yet. I hope that your partners will not slacken in the epidemic prevention and control, and resume work without errors.

Thanks to every partner for their trust and support, and every user for their understanding and tolerance, and thank you for always being on this road! MOTI will always be with you to win the “epidemic” of this nationwide war!

Customer reviews of SNOWPLUS Lite and Pro

We’ve heard what the celebrities said about how great SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite is. Now, let us hear what the real user says. After Pro&Lite was launched last month, lots of consumers shared their feedback with us. The following are what the customers said.

Daniel Morris – SNOWPLUS PRO user

“As a global purchasing manager of a large vaping business, I’m extremely sensitive to new products and keep trying them one by one with my own hand. Recently I heard a famous vape brand in China. SNOWPLUS has just launched 2 new products so I ordered a few with various flavored cartridges. You know, flavors and tastes are the soul of vape pens. Tell it like it is, these flavors didn’t let me down, they’re outstanding among so many pods. By the way, mint is the king of all flavors in SNOWPLUS.”

Charlotte Johnson – SNOWPLUS PRO user

Charlotte Johnson - SNOWPLUS PRO user

“I’ve been in the vape field for a long time and know ceramics heating core and cotton coils well. However, it’s the first time to see TRUEFEEL. The unique TRUEFEEL atomizing technology is unbelievable. With typical nic salt juice, it wicks quickly, and the hits are very consistent. With 2 air intake holes, the relatively quiet draw is a tight MTL. Until the last drop of the e-liquid in cartridge, I encounter no dry hits, it’s constant and steady. Every puff is refreshing, rich and silk-like.”

Melissa Young – SNOWPLUS PRO user

“I love this modern, smooth and sleek design and I’m a big fan of the overall aesthetics. The silky skin, the rounder body, the elegant color and ergonomic mouthpiece, are definitely in the state of art. This device is constructed of aluminum alloy and is relatively lightweight yet sturdy. Besides, the party mode with flashing and changing colors are impressive and fashionable. I’m sure you’ll like it, too.”

Evelyn Garcia – SNOWPLUS LITE user

Evelyn Garcia - SNOWPLUS LITE user

“I’m a smoker for 10 years and loved the classic design of cigarettes much, light up and smoke. I knew the harm of cigarettes clearly and was always looking for something to replace it. At first, I was scared away by the complicated and complex structures and operation of box mod vape, I thought vapes are just for those little punks showing off. SNOWPLUS LITE led me to a new world. It’s a plug-and-play device that’s operated by an automatic draw. This kit for starters works flawlessly and caters to all vapers.”

Olivia Rodriguez – SNOWPLUS LITE user

Olivia Rodriguez - SNOWPLUS LITE user

“I’m a professor in a USA college and love smoking. What bothers me is the large smoke around me and the bad smell on my body after smoking. It annoys my students. A few days ago, one of my colleagues bought me a SNOWPLUS LITE as a birthday present. With a smokeless edition pod on it, it produces no vapor at all! Moreover, the bad smell of smoking vanished with LITE, it’s magic, subtle and easily covered for stealth missions. What’s more amazing, it’s sold for merely 15 bucks, even cheaper than a pack of cigarettes! No doubt, it’s a gift from heaven.”



Most customers of SNOWPLUS PRO say SNOWPLUS Pro is one of the best products they’ve used and for SNOWPLUS LITE they said they can’t find a better pod vape with better price when the performance is no more a drawback. These 2 pod systems represent the future of vapes and won the hearts of customers with something solid. Click here to learn more about PRO

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Cannergy is a CBD vaporizer brand jointly produced by gippro and Meilleure International. After being listed in Japan, it has received extraordinary responses. Japanese media competed to review it. This article is one of the reviews and analysis of Canenergy products by Japanese electronic cigarette media.

Cannergy official site:

Cannergy official site

This article is a review of CANNERGY’s VAPE starter kits CG1 and CG1S, which is a pod system and disposable type. These two are starter kits CBD atomizer, and you can choose from these two if needed.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

CG1 ・ CG1S is CANNERGY’s all-in-one VAPE starter kit, which is a closed POD device with the cartridge that encapsulates e-liquid. The closed type refers to that the vaporizer cannot be refilled.

This easy-to-use device does not require e-liquid filling, coil replacement or cleaning. CG1 and CG1S are sealed inhalation devices for CBD e-liquid.

Features of CANNERGY CG1 ・ CG1S

  • Starter Kit with CBD vaporizer
  • Disposable and replaceable cartridge types
  • All e-liquids are made in Japan and produced in ISO9001 certified factories.


There are two different types of equipment, namely “pod system and disposable”. There are also a variety of CBD content options, which can be selected according to the purpose and application of the user.

All e-liquids are made in Japan and are manufactured in a clean environment in an ISO9001 certified factory.

Let’s take a look at the details of these two devices.

CANNERGY CG1 (Pod system)


CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Round grip. With matte texture coating.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Lightweight and portable size.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

The LED indicator shows the vaping status and battery status.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

There is a micro USB port on the bottom for battery charging.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

CG1 supports battery charging. It takes about 70 minutes to fully charge.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

The CG1 kit does not contain cartridges.

CG1 comes with a variety of flavors:

  • CG1P-1 Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)
  • CG1P-2 Pineapple (CBD 10%)
  • CG1P-3 Green Tea Mint (CBD 15%)

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

There are two gaskets on the bottom of the CG1P cartridge to prevent the leakage of e-liquid. Please remove it before using it.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Remove the mouthpiece cover at the same time.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Just insert it into the battery body and fix it by magnetic force.


CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

After connecting the device and cartridge, all you have to do is suck the mouthpiece.
Evaporate … Hold the mouthpiece of the atomizer and inhale

When the battery needs to be charged, the “LED indicator flashes 10 times”. Because there is no color to indicate the remaining power, when the battery flashes 10 times, it can no longer be used, please charge.

Packaging and content:

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Contents list:
CANNERGY CG1 battery body

Micro USB charging cable

Instruction Manual (Japanese)

Letter of guarantee (6 months)

Site: H81 W25.5 D12mm
Weight: 21g
E-liquid capacity: 1ml (Cartridge)
E-liquid refill: No
Charging port: Micro USB charge for 70 minutes
Battery: 400mAh

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)


CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

The design itself is the same as the pod system CG1.

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Smaller body, super compact.

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

The rubber-coated surface is very smooth.

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

There is no battery charging port on the bottom.

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

There is only one small hole (ventilation hole) on the body, and the body has no LED light.

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

Without the switch, the auto switch works when sucking the mouthpiece and the mist will automatically emit.

The atomizer with e-liquid is integrated with the device and cannot be removed or replaced. There are three types of taste and content, so you can choose and buy your favorite products from 3 products.

CG1S disposable version:.

  • CG1S-1 Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)
  • CG1S-2 Pineapple (CBD 10%)
  • CG1S-3 Green Tea Mint (CBD 15%)

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

Just hold the mouthpiece and suck.

  • Evaporate … Hold the mouthpiece of the atomizer and inhale

Packaging and content

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

Content list

  • CANNERGY CG1S body

Size: H70.7 W21.3 D10.9mm
Weight: 16.8g
E-liquid capacity: 1ml (Puffs: 320-350)
E-liquid refill: No
Chargable: No
Battery: 250mAh

CG1 and CG1S comparison

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Left photo: CG1 (pod system)
Right: CG1S (disposable)

The size of the replaceable cartridge is one circle larger.

The single-use type is very compact. CG1S (single-use type) seems better if you like lightweight.

The e-liquid capacity is the same between the 2 devices: 1ml

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

It can be seen from the different number of puffing times that not only the coil resistance value and output power are different, but also the core (atomized core material) is also different.

CG1: Puffs: 190-220; Resistence: 2.7Ohm; Atomizer: Ceramics
CG1S: Puffs: 320-350; Resistence: 3.0Ohm; Atomizer: Cotton

This makes the same e-liquid taste different.
CG1 (pod system): Pure Light Feel

CG1S (disposable): Pays more attention to the puffs than the taste

CANNERGY CG1 CG1S CBD vape review from gippro

Only the CG1 can be recharged and reused.

What’s different between the two models? This comes with the cost of use.

Compare the same flavor:
Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)

  • CG1P-1 (Atomizer / Cartridge based) Suggested retail price 3500 yen (excluding tax)
  • CG1S-1 (Disposable) Suggested retail price 6,000 yen (excluding tax)

Pineapple (CBD 10%)

  • CG1P-2 (Atomizer / Cartridge based) Suggested Retail Price 4,500 yen (excluding tax)
  • CG1S-2 (Disposable) Suggested retail price 7,500 yen (excluding tax)

Green tea mint (CBD 15%)

  • CG1P-3 (Atomizer / Cartridge based) Suggested retail price 5500 yen (excluding tax)
  • CG1S-3 (Disposable) Suggested retail price 8,500 yen (excluding tax)

By the way, here is the price of the exchangeable cartridge main body kit:
CANNERGY CG1 (pod system)

  • CG1-W “Pearl White”: Suggested retail price 3500 yen (excluding tax)
  • CG1-B “Phantom Black”: Suggested retail price 3500 yen (excluding tax)

However, the portability of CG1S (Disposable) also makes it difficult to choose, which is confusing.

I will try various flavors then comment.

Review of Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)

Review of Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)

Fruit flavor with good aroma, ripe mango and sweet and sour grapefruit.
The main aroma of the fruit liquid, the rich mango aroma. The main flavor of fruit oil is the aroma of mango.
Grapefruit is not only rich, it feels a bit sour, it is a good taste.
Slightly sweet and refreshing.
Wish more fruit flavor series in vape e-liquid .

Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)

  • CG1P-1 (Atomizer / Cartridge based) Suggested retail price 3500 yen (excluding tax)
  • CG1S-1 (Disposable) suggested retail price 6,000 yen (excluding tax)

Pineapple Reviews (CBD 10%)

Review of Mango Grapefruit (CBD 5%)

Refreshing pineapple flavor.
The scent of pineapple is as easy to accept as the canned pineapple, with a slight sweetness. This taste is not uncommon, but it can directly distinguish the winners and losers compared to other brands.
Of these three categories, people who are not used to the taste of CBD may not like it.

Pineapple (CBD 10%)

CG1P-2 (Atomizer / Cartridge based) Suggested retail price 4,500 yen (excluding tax)

CG1S-2 (Disposable) suggested retail price 7,500 yen (excluding tax)

Green Tea Mint Review (CBD 15%)

CANNERGY CG1S (Disposable)

Light green tea and slightly minty aroma.
The impression is that green tea is very elegant and authentic, and some elements are easy to accept.
Menthol is not too strong nor too weak, just right, you can get satisfaction.
The content of CBD is as high as 15%, but because it contains menthol, it is easy to accept on the palate.

Green tea mint (CBD 15%)

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Vape industry is full of confidence during the outbreak

On February 18, the domestic e-cigarette brand “Boulder” announced its second-quarter 2020 recruitment plan on its official Microblog, involving sales, operations, research and development, products, technology, investment promotion, human resources, back-office support and other departments. More than 100 talents are needed for the posts.

The news was released at a somewhat surprising time. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the upstream factories were delayed to get back to work, and most of the downstream sales shops were closed. At present, the entire electronic cigarette supply chain is basically in a dormant state. Most companies are suffering huge losses and pressure. Why does this company choose to wake up at this time?

So a reporter from China Times recently interviewed several domestic e-cigarette companies to learn about their breakout plans under the cold winter of the industry.

Offline sales channel becomes a land of war

As the shared power bank and new retail coffees that have a fiery market have changed their own industries, domestic e-cigarette companies are also rapidly testing new retail and restructuring the people, goods and markets of the e-cigarette industry. Today, there are already smart retail terminal companies that regard e-cigarettes as important sales products.

2019 brand sales percentage:
2019 brand sales percentage: RELX:24.6%; Thinkr:14.4%; MOTI:18.3%; Laan:7%; Mystlabs:2.8%; SNOWPLUS: 20.7%; YOOZ:2.7%; FLOW:9.5%

According to the 2019 annual data report released by Youpeng intelligent retail terminal vendor machine, RELX, SNOWPLUS, MOTI and Thinkr are the top four brands of e-cigarettes sold through Youpeng(Yopoint) vending machine, accounting for 78% of the total sales. Wuhan, Jinan and Shenzhen are the cities with the largest purchase volume of e-cigarettes. Game venues, KTV and catering are the best sales points of e-cigarettes.

After seeing the opportunities brought by the vending machine to the electronic cigarette industry, some electronic cigarette enterprises have made innovations in intelligent sales. Thinkr that has entered into strategic cooperation with Thunder group has realized the application of the Thunder block chain technology in the vending machine industry, and then launched the Thinkr Power Box project, exploring the “Consumer Mobile Internet + Thunder Chain + New Retail” mode.

Thinkr Power Box
Thinkr Power Box Prototype

At present, alleviating the operational pressure brought by the epidemic situation has become one of the business priorities of various enterprises, and it has brought new thinking on how to optimize and consolidate themselves.

Boulder chose to start the recruitment plan for the second quarter of 2020. “Although the industry has experienced the impact of strong supervision and the new epidemic, Boulder will continue to advance in accordance with its own strategic plan, continue to cultivate the two major markets of China and the United States, increase technology and product research and development, expand offline sales channels and more overseas markets. ” Boulder head of public relations said.

A person in charge of ammo revealed to reporters that after the epidemic, the company will optimize and refine its “hundreds of people quality supervision” process, and wait for the right time, “to launch new products unique in the industry.”

“Thinkr launched the 300-store counter program ahead of schedule.” Achieved accelerated growth with a path of least resistance, while using product differentiation to enter the KA channel (hypermarket). “The person in charge of public relations told reporters.” Boulder “also launched” 10k stores in 1k cities ” program to open stores with a subsidy of 300 million yuan.

This shows that in the future, offline resources will continue to cause competition in the industry. Coincidentally, in the course of answering the reporter’s interview, the e-cigarette company side said invariably, “We have full confidence in the vape industry.

“Thunder Block Chain reliably records the information of each vending machine, including sales data. Participants can invest in vending machines and obtain due operating profit dividends according to their own capabilities, and participate in the construction of ‘Shenzhen Power Box’ together.” The person in charge of Thinkr’s public relations introduced to the “China Times” reporter.

At present, the core technology research and development of the establishment of “Thinkr Power Box” general has been basically completed, and the comprehensive commissioning work is in progress. The first generation will lay experimental networks in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Smart vending machines have also become a key sales channel for e-cigarette companies during the new coronavirus epidemic. Taking RELX as an example, during the outbreak, 500 smart vending machines were urgently allocated to stores and successfully provided contactless services to consumers. In order to prevent minors from buying products, the RELX smart vending machine can achieve age verification through the triple checkpoint of “name-document number-face recognition”.

Business owners are confident in the industry

Thinkr’s public relations official said,“ With the improvement of the overall quality of the industry, technology, market awareness and other related regulatory measures, it is expected that in the next three years, the electronic cigarette industry will achieve a steady recover and rise against the trend. We’re also full of confidence in profoundly realizing overtaking in corners and initiating the brand successfully. ”

“We believe that 2020 is the year when the electronic cigarette industry returns to rationality. The market’s survival of the fittest mechanism will show results. More outstanding talents will be concentrated in companies with real strength. We are confident in recruitment.” Boulder told the reporter of the China Times.

The person in charge of promotion of ammo said, “When the epidemic is over, the most important area for development is the economic sector, and new consumer opportunities will emerge at that time.”

It is foreseeable that after the epidemic big test, the electronic cigarette industry will complete the survival of the fittest, and will become more stable and usher in the spring.

RHBVE & 30 e-cigarette enterprises cheer on China

1.4 billion people in China are fighting the coronavirus, everyone counts! As the snow melted, work resumed, RHBVE together with 30 e-cigarette companies cheers on the front line, China, and you who are fighting the epidemic!

RHBVE Reed Huabo – Organzier of China International Vape Expo
Hubei Yunsen