Thursday, May 30, 2024

2020 IECIE ShenZhen ECIG Expo is about to open


Video of exhibition publicity notice

In more than a month, we will officially meet with you e-cigarette lovers!

Are you excited and expecting?

At the time of the opening of the iecie e-cigarette exhibition, I believe many friends are excited, and the cool sports cars, models and all kinds of e-cigarette equipment from last year’s exhibition have already appeared in the cerebellum pocket!

Each issue of iecie is not only full of various characteristic themes, but also from the perspective of “culture” and “emotion”, the exhibitor will connect users of e-cigarette together, constantly creating surprises and expectations for exhibitors and audiences.

Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, in fact, the enthusiasm of some small partners in the industry is more or less depressed, and they have been hesitant to come to the exhibition.

Iecie would like to tell you: “don’t worry, we have been there all the time, this exhibition will not let you down!”

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