2019 VPXSL International Summit on Electronic Cigarette Market and New Technology Application

Summit summary

The 2019 VPXSL E-Cigarette Market and New Technology Application Summit focuses on the application of new technology in domestic e-cigarette industry and the development of overseas market, devoting itself to the deep excavation of industrial supply chain, leading the vape brands to open overseas market, guiding the industry to a broader e-cigarette market, and bringing new opportunities for growth to e-cigarette brand and related enterprises.


Summit details

Guiding Unit: Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (to be determined)

Organizer: VPXSL

Co-sponsor: IECIE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

Date: Wednesday, 18 September 2019, 13:00-17:30

Venue: Courtyard by Marriott

Conference Scale: 300 – 500 E-cig foreign trade industry bosses/ executives, factory bosses and industry-related


Summit background

According to statistics, there are more than 1 billion smokers in the world, and electronic cigarettes, as a new choice of “new smokers”, have shown explosive growth in the past decade. China accounted for more than 95% of the world’s e-cigarette production in 2018, producing nearly 1.651 billion e-cigs, of which more than 90% were exported. The global e-cigarette market is expected to exceed $50 billion in 2022. Among them, Juul, the American e-cigarette unicorn, has a new valuation of up to $35 billion, attracting various capitals entering this blue sea market.

But the problem is, there are bigger challenges behind the opportunities. The “sea” in China looks blue, but it is not vast, while the “sea” in foreign countries is wide, but full of unknown.

The ways for the vape brands to open the overseas market will be one of the main focuses of this summit.

On the other hand, although electronic cigarettes have been developing for nearly 16 years, nowadays product homogeneity, policy supervision hazard are becoming more and more serious. In this environment, technology-driven development, tapping the future trend of electronic cigarettes, cross-border application and combination, and the barrier breakthroughs of existing products and technologies will be the main topics of this conference.

Now VPXSL set up a stage for everyone to help boost the industrial peak in the next half of the year.


Summit highlights

Global Major Overseas Market Analysis

Denicotination and Application of New Materials

Analysis of Overseas Export Channels and Solutions

Analysis of Cross-border E-Commerce Business and Layout Scheme

New Technology Breakthrough and Supply Chain Development Scheme

Guests to be invited

Organizers of German Electronic Cigarette Fair

Korea Electronic Cigarette Association

Global Electronic Cigarette Import and Export Related Enterprises

Brand Leader of New Electronic Cigarette Technology

Famous Inspection Institutions and Leaders of Cross-border E-Commerce


Summit agenda

  • New Brands, New Technologies, New Markets
    By VPXSL
  • New Solution for Electronic Cigarette Foreign Trade Receipt and Payment
    By XTransfer
  • In-depth Analysis and Brand Opportunities of E-Cigarette Market in Malaysia
    By ESUN Yishan Supply Chain
  • Responsibility Innovation Promotes the Healthy Development of Enterprises, Diversified Cooperation Creates a Great Plan for the Industry
    By SnowPlus
  • The competition of international electronic cigarette market is intensifying. How can SMEs reach sales terminals more efficiently?
    By Healthcabin
  • From the Rise of Emerging Electronic Cigarette Market to the Target Market Selection and Product Orientation of Brand Businessmen
    By Ecigku
  • Heaven Gifts’Global Electronic Cigarette Battlefield
    By Heaven Gifts
  • Brief Analysis of Market Regulations and Future Opportunities of Electronic Cigarette and HNB in Japan
    By a Japanese Sales Channel Representative
  • Helping the Electronic Cigarette Industry to Improve the New Threshold of Technical Standards
    By Flavor Laboratory
  • How to Use Biological Fermentation Technology to Improve the Repurchase Rate of Electronic Cigarettes
    By Tengta Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Application Advantages of Disposable Lithium Carbon Batteries in Electronic Cigarette Market
    By Evebattery
  • How to Grasp Buyers More Efficiently and Change the Effect of Future Exhibitions
    By IECIE host


Audience to be invited

300 – 500 persons (including but not limited to the following)

Leader of well-known electronic cigarette brands

Foreign trade enterprise

Overseas marketing manager of e-cig brands (above manager level)

Scientific research and medical personnel

New tobacco media, venture capital media, mass media

Investment institutions

Government departments representatives/Associations to promote overseas market development


Sponsorship programme

Sponsorship A 50,000 yuan:

Broadcasting of enterprise-related promotional films (before the meeting)

One on-site booth (including backboard, desk and chair group)

15 Minutes Brand Show Speech Opportunity

On-site hosting brand

VPXSL Public Headline Interview 1

Delivery of brand LOGO wall in the middle of the meeting

Packing Conference Site Information

Speech materials are released through the new media network

Producing Guest Posters in Pre-heated Promotion Period

2 persons above the limit of

Sponsorship B 15000 yuan:

One on-site booth (including backboard, desk and chair group, Yilapao)

Live hosting mention

VPXSL WeChat Subscription Article 1

Delivery of brand LOGO wall in the middle of the meeting

Packing Conference Site Information

VPXSL Media Matrix Promotion Opportunities

Five persons above the quota

Sponsorship C 8888 yuan:

One on-site booth (including backboard, desk and chair group, Yilapao)

VPXSL WeChat Subscription Article 1

Delivery of brand LOGO wall in the middle of the meeting

VPXSL Media Matrix Promotion Opportunities

Five persons above the quota

Sponsorship D 5000 yuan or less:

VPXSL Public Number Article 1

Delivery of brand LOGO wall in the middle of the meeting

VPXSL Media Matrix Promotion Opportunities


Associated media

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About the host

VPXSL, as an industrial media platform in the electronic cigarette industry, focuses on new tobacco, heating not burning products (HNB), electronic cigarette and other smoke free products.

VPXSL is committed to popularizing new tobacco knowledge, disseminating advanced products and healthy lifestyle, providing domestic and foreign news, product review and other content, and providing a window for the public to produce electronic cigarette products.

At the same time, VPXSL is also oriented to the new tobacco and electronic cigarette industry, providing product and brand promotion services, building bridges and links between manufacturers and users.

VPXSL currently has perfect industrial resources, covering the global major new tobacco and electronic cigarette exhibitions, manufacturers, brands, distributors and users and other dimensions.

As the strategic cooperative media platform of IECIE, the largest electronic cigarette exhibition in the world, VPXSL is deeply engaged in the upstream supply chain, new technology and new materials, downstream products, device and consumption mode, providing comprehensive information reporting and distributing services.

VPXSL will continue to innovate and explore in order to provide users and customers with better service, create greater value, and jointly witness the brilliance of the new tobacco and electronic cigarette industry.

See you in Shenzhen 2019.09.18 13:00-17:30!

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Sign up the summit now

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