2019 vape investment market may cool down – Vape industry top 10 financed enterprises list

Electronic cigarette is an electronic product which imitates traditional cigarettes. It mainly consists of electric core, atomizer and plastic parts. Recalling the development of vape industry in recent years, the whole industry has developed rapidly, and the capital is optimistic about the vape industry. Many listed companies also have a strong interest in vape. They believe that vape can compete with or even partly replace traditional tobacco, and there is a huge space for future development.

At present, the main companies engaged in electronic cigarette business in China include Xiamen Intretech, Tianchang Group, Shanghai Shunho, Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co Ltd, Smoore and Smok, etc. 2018 is the outbreak period of the market layout of vape industry, with the entry of multi-capital such as Source code, IDG and so on. However, this year’s CCTV 315 evening party exposed that electronic cigarettes also release harmful substances, endangering the health of smokers and passive smokers, long-term of vaping will also produce dependence on nicotine. This year, CCTV’s 315 party named electronic cigarettes, which triggered industry shocks, and is expected to bring about cooling down to the electronic cigarette investment market in a certain degree.

Following are some financing data of the top 10 financed vape enterprises in recent years for Vape hk readers’reference:

Vape Industry Top 10 Financed Company

EnterpriseFinanced DateFinancing roundAmountInvestor
Blue White Tech2015.9A50 million yuanJuxin,Ruisheng TObacco
Laan2017.11A6 million yuanYingnuo Angel, Development Fund
Zhisheng2017.12Angel30 million yuanPersonal Investors
RELX2018.6Angel38 million yuanSource code, IDG
Yibo2018.7Stratigic70 million yuanYihua Stock
Gippro2018.7Angel10 million yuanTong Chuang
IJOY2018.8A300 million yuanNot published
Evove2018.11Pre-A20 million yuanDong Yu Capital
JUUL2018Public12,8 billion dollarAltria
Moti2018.12Pre-A10 million dollarZhen Fund
EUSN2019.2Angel10 million yuanPlum

top 10 financed vape enterprises


Source: New Seed, Investment, IT Orange, China Business Industry Research Institute


According to the list, Juul is the richest vape company in the world. Though RELX’s leader is good at marketing, Moti has a greater potential to do something big. However, there are always some invisible kings that don’t need financing at all in vape field like ALD Silmo, Feelm, Aspire, Yihi, ect. like the famous smartphone producer, Huawei, they are the true dominator of the market.

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For more information, please refer to the Research Report on the Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities of China’s Electronic Cigarettes from 2019 to 2024 issued by the China Business Industry Research Institute. At the same time, the China Business Industry Research Institute also provides industrial data, industrial planning, industrial park planning, industrial investment attraction and other solutions.

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