IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi are Launched

Philip Morris International has launched two new versions of iQOS – an updated version of iQOS 3 and a new device IQOS 3 Multi. It is expected to be listed in Japan and South Korea in the next few weeks and will be listed in Europe by mid-November. A less expensive heatsticks,cigarettes inserted into the device,will also be introduced to attract new consumers in Japan.

IQOS sales have increased in some places this year, while others have stagnated. It is said that the new version of IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi is introduced to increase the sales volume of the products.

It is understood that IQOS 3 is an updated version of its original IQOS device, and it is more compact than the previous model. Charging ports are opened on the side instead of at the top. Executives said consumer feedback drove the changes. Like the old model, the IQOS 3 requires users to charge the device before each use.


The new IQOS 3 Multi can be used 10 times before it needs to be recharged. It’s more cumbersome than traditional IQOS devices, but executives say consumers demand this change.

IQOS 3 Multi

“In today’s world, you need newer products that match consumer feedback and insights,”The CEO Andre Calantzopoulos said in an interview with CNBC. “So for those who have the current version of IQOS, it’s obviously time for us to have something new. But the key goal here is to convince more people in Japan and around the world to switch from cigarettes to IQOS…”

Calantzopoulos said the introduction of IQOS 3 Multi eliminates the advantages of competitors. Some brands, including British American Tobacco’s GLO and KT&G Lil, promote themselves better than IQOS because they can be used multiple times without charging.

Remarks: Report according to Oriental wealth information!

Wang Sicong Went to the Beijing E-cigarette Show

Wang Sicong really went to the Beijing E-cigarette Show!

This morning, the news of Wang Sicong’s low-profile visit to the Beijing E-cigarette Show began to spread in the industry! Seeing the photo of people wearing a mask, I began to think it was a fake. I mistook other people who are very similar to Wang Sicong to think that it is Wang Sicong!

When confirming with the e-cigarette practitioners at the scene, the other party said: This is true, he really went to the Beijing E-cigarette Show! He didn’t wear a mask when he started to come in. Many people recognized it later and started wearing masks.Wang Sicong vape show

And said that he visited a few e-cigarette booths. Some exhibitors recognized him and came forward to introduce e-cigarettes. After listening to the introduction, Wang Sicong experienced the e-cigarette and purchased a set.

GreenSound Took the Lead in VR Online Factory Visit Artifacts

GreenSound GS took the lead in VR online visit of factory artifacts

Customer inspection refers to the customer’s on-site inspection of the factory. The main purpose is to inspect the strength of the factory, the size of the factory, product quality, atmosphere, etc., which is an important part of commercial activities. For foreign customers, especially European and American customers, Pay special attention to enterprise strength. Therefore, it is often considered to conduct on-site inspections of the manufacturers before deciding to cooperate with the manufacturers. However, limited to all aspects of cost considerations, many times customers are not always able to conduct field visits to each partner.

In order to solve this real problem, the international first-line e-cigarette brand GreenSound took the lead in the English version of the “VR online factory” artifact, which can realize the rapid inspection of the factory without Blind area. The customer only needs 3 minutes to understand a real GreenSound.

After entering the software, you can see the situation in the factory exterior, front desk, walkway, conference room, purchasing department, international business department, domestic business department, exhibition hall, engineering department, packaging workshop, production line, warehouse, e-commerce warehouse, quality control department and smoke oil production workshop.

Display with Chinese and English subtitles. And you can view the position by 360 degrees. Even some device names are indicated by arrows. For the exit of the door, there is also an arrow indicating where to go. This is a real realization of the “online no-dead corner quick factory inspection, and customers only need 3 minutes to understand a real GreenSound.” Click below to enter.

Greensound VR factory visit:

HCIGAR – A Famous Vape Manufacturing & Marketing Company in China Since 2011

Shenzhen HCIGAR Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in e-cigarette research and development, production, sales and service. Its products own CE ROSH, FCC and other certifications. The products of HCIGAR Company have international patents and trademark registration in China, the European Union and the United States. Its products are exported to all over the world. They are deeply loved by customers in the United States, France, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries. They are also recognized by their peers. They win the trust of our customers with high-quality products and excellent service.

How many people are in HCIGAR company?

104 people are working in the company.

Where is HCIGAR located?

3F&4F 14B Hualun Technological Park, Phoenix Xingye 1 Road, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, China (Postcode:518000)

宝安区福永凤凰兴业一路161号华伦科技园17栋2楼 (邮编:518000)

What’s the phone number of HCIGAR?

The Thai Authorities are Considering Legalizing E-cigarette Imports

The Thai authorities are considering legalizing e-cigarette imports, but companies have to pay a higher tariff

According to the report of the China Daily of Thailand on October 03, the Thai authorities are considering legalizing the import of e-cigarettes, but companies have to pay a higher tariff.

According to sources from the Thai Ministry of Commerce, recently, they will discuss with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports whether the e-cigarette import ban should be lifted. Officials said that they have received petitions from multiple parties (law enforcement and business circles) to legalize the import of e-cigarettes.The Thai Authorities are Considering Legalizing E-cigarette Imports

Thailand debates possible legalization of vapes, shisha, e-cigarettes

Many problems have been discovered from the actual implementation of the regulations. Regardless of the illegal import and smuggling problems, there are also cases in which the law enforcement process is difficult to control. The other is whether the impact of e-cigarettes on physical health is higher than that of ordinary cigarettes, and there is no strong evidence and research evidence.

The initial solution is to cancel the e-cigarette import ban and switch to a relatively high tariff rate. Because the ban does not keep e-cigarettes out of the country, it can be easily bought even in the ordinary market or on the online shopping platform. In other words, is it more manipulative to liberalize import restrictions and effectively regulate tariffs?

Officials believe that the primary problem that the parties discuss at present is to be able to prove that the e-cigarette hazard is not as large as ordinary cigarettes. There is a big difference in the focus of disputes on who is more harmful. Cigarette companies believe that e-cigarettes will produce more harmful substances after burning, and thus are more harmful to human health. In contrast, e-cigarette supporters believe that smoking e-cigarettes is safer than regular cigarettes. But in any case, it is necessary to establish a correct cognitive feeling that smoking is harmful.


Throughout the world, governments have different attitudes toward e-cigarettes. The number of countries in the same camp is about 30, accounting for about 15% of the world. In other words, most countries still have relatively loose regulations on e-cigarettes.

For the Department of Commerce, as long as there is sufficient evidence to prove that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it will not be difficult for the Ministry of Commerce to lift the ban.

In addition, the cabinet adopted a decision to raise the cigarette tax on the 2nd regular meeting. That is, for every cigarette sold, the tobacco company needs to pay 2% of the tax to the social security fund.

Note: The content comes from Taihua net is for reference only.

Korean Tobacco Giant KTG has Released the Latest LIL MINI Version Vape

Korean tobacco giant KTG has released the latest LIL MINI version heated not burn e-cigarette. A short and powerful vape. 

LIL e-cigarette is a kind of heated non-combustion e-cigarette produced and developed by KT&G, which is a local tobacco giant in South Korea. It has a compact and simple appearance design, an all-in-one machine structure, a single charge, and smoke a box of smoke bombs, without repeated charging, simple and convenient one-button operation features. Since the release in the overseas market, market feedback is excellent, and it is very popular among smokers.

It is reported that on October 3, KT&G released the latest version of the LIL MINI heating non-burning e-cigarette in Korea, which is much shorter in length and feels better.

FDA Raids Juul Vape and Takes Away Thousands of Documents

FDA raids Juul vape and takes away thousands of documents

The technology website TechCrunch confirmed that the US FDA recently investigated the e-cigarette manufacturer Juul and seized thousands of documents from the company’s headquarters.

For this, the FDA said in an interview that the agency conducted an unexpected inspection of the startup’s Juul headquarters last Friday to try to find some documents related to the company’s sales and marketing activities.

An FDA spokesperson said: “The purpose of this inspection is to determine whether all of the company’s operations comply with FDA laws and regulations. Our latest and highly disturbing data on youth smoking has clearly shown that e-cigarettes are causing the nicotine’s popularity with adolescents. We must take action to understand and deal with the use and access of these products by children.”

Just before the raid, the FDA asked the company to provide documentation in April to check Juul’s marketing efforts for the underage market.

For this inspection, Juul stated in a statement that it has been working to prevent minors from using it and hopes to reach out to FDA, parliamentarians and public health advocates to ensure that young people do not use their products.

Juul CEO Kevin Burns also explained in a statement that recent talks with the FDA gave the company an opportunity to provide some information about its business, including documents relating to marketing campaigns, online age verification, youth prevention work, etc.

He also said that this is a constructive and transparent dialogue. Since April, the company has published more than 50,000 pages of documents to the FDA, and the company hopes to help prevent minors from using e-cigarette products and provide advice on developing solutions.

He said: “We believe that in order to limit the access of young people, the industry and regulatory authorities need to work together.”

Last month, the FDA has ordered five e-cigarette companies, including Juul, to submit a plan to resolve minors’ use of their products within 60 days. If these companies did not plan before the deadline, the FDA said it would withdraw its products from the shelves.

China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

China Tobacco of Anhui launched the world’s first magnetic particle soaking technology heat not burn product!

Following China Tobacco of Sichuang, China Tobacco of Yunnan, and China Tobacco of Guangdong, China Tobacco of Anhui also ushered in the launching ceremony of heating not burn products!China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

On October 18th, China Tobacco of Anhui held a world premiere ceremony for heating and non-combustion products of magnetic particle soaking technology at Crowne Plaza Hefei!China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

It is understood that the magnetic induction heating can achieve uniform and stable delivery of non-contact energy, and the heat energy of the heated body is evenly distributed to ensure steady-state heating in the temperature range……China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

China Tobacco of Anhui creatively applied the principle of magnetic induction AC frequency conversion to solve the problem of uneven heating of tobacco products, and created a new category of soaked tobacco products.China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

Aibang said that China Tobacco of Anhui has become the only industrial company in the country covering four categories of flue-cured tobacco, mixed-type cigarettes, cigars and heat not burn products, laying a solid foundation for the future development and take-off of China Tobacco of Anhui.

IQOS Mini E-cigarette is Launched

Is IQOS just the name of the heating non-burn product? No, IQOS mini e-cigarette has also come out! Cylindrical appearance with buttons.iqos

This is not a small factory imitation product, deliberately labeled “IQOS”, it belongs to the same company as IQOS heating non-combustion products, both of which are produced by Philip Morris International.iqos

According to what is currently known, IQOS smoke has three colors: black, light green, and gold. There are 7 flavors: mint, alcohol cigarette grass, traditional tobacco, pear fruit, red raspberry, passion fruit and tea.

Each cartridge is packaged in a separate package with two cartridges inside. There are 10 inside a smoke bomb. I saw a lot of people posting advertisements saying that they can be sold in regular channels, and they can be sold on Taobao!iqos

Philip Morris International is an international tobacco giant, and it doesn’t look at the small market at all! For a product, without a comprehensive experimental study, if there is a great harm to the human body, it is afraid to do it! Those who doubt the e-cigarette because of the recent negative news should wake up!

Now Philip Morris International has inserted a foot in the small cigarette market, showing how optimistic about the prospects of this market!iqos

As soon as the picture of this product appeared, on the morning of last Saturday, the sales advertisement went viral in the circle of friends. However, if you want to order, you will be told that there is no stock and you need to make a reservation. There is only one thing that has not yet been clearly understood, which channels these goods will enter the country by then. I hope that it will not be like IQOS heat not burn product, so that I will be traced by the Customs on suspicion of smuggling!

Vaporesso Carries Out a Multi-brand Strategy Launching a New Brand Renova

Vaporesso, IECIE‘s own brand, lays out a multi-brand strategy and launches a new brand Renova

Inspired by “0”

Flowing the smooth beauty of the arc

Zero is coming quietly


The moment you meet

Smart curves are in front of you

Exuding irresistible charm


Vaporesso lays out a multi-brand strategy, and its new brand Renova is launched.


Renova focuses on the development of POD products, as its pioneering work – Zero,


Being placed high hopes, indicating a new beginning and a new journey.


Product parameters

Size: 31×13.5×80.2mm

Capacity: 2ml

Built-in battery: 650 mAh

Three-speed adjustable power: 9-12.5W

Charging current: 1A


Product features

  1. Innovative PTF (press type) oil filling system,iseasy to operate and effectively prevent leakage.
  2. Three-speed adjustable power (9-12.5W).
  3. Pre-installed Vaporesso’s highly acclaimed CCELL ceramic atomizing core.

A special ceramic heating material that restores the purest smoky flavor,

meeting the best nicotine transmission experience.

  1. LoadingOMNI Board Mini chip, supportingfast charge,

it takes only 45 minutes to complete Zero charging; it also has multiple protection features,

ensuring user experience and security.


  1. Material: zinc alloy + PCTG.

For the first time, PCTG materials are applied to e-cigarette products in the market.

PCTG materials have passed the US Food and Drug Administration standards for food contact.

mainly used in food, medicine and other fields.


Product packaging



Starting with Zero

There is nothing impossible

In the future, it is even more infinite.